Now this might be the post -Villanova-court-storming feels talking… or maybe just the post-grad…

Now this might be the post -Villanova-court-storming feels talking… or maybe just the post-grad feels…but damn, I love Marquette.

I have the most overwhelming love for this school. The kind of love you learn about on the big screen, ya know? Except it’s with a campus and a Golden Eagle instead.

I know other people who are obsessed with the college they attended. You know the people — those Fighting Irish and blah blah blah. But I don’t know anybody who loves their school as much as Marquette students and alum do.

Last night, my Snapchat was full of all kinds of Marquette pride.There was real-time court coverage, people at bars making their hometown friends wear MU gear (@amandaberghuis), and dozens of TV screens captioned with excitement.

I watched as some of my favorite people in the world stormed the court and absolutely lost their minds in celebration. I felt like I was there. I texted everyone I know expecting as huge of a reaction as I watched on the screen. We won!!!!! We beat #1 Villanova!!!!

It’s so hard to explain what it is. Maybe it’s enduring a freshman year of highly probable write ups in dorms together. Maybe it’s being friends with a duty RA so you can throw a dorm party with all your friends.

It could be the collective knowledge that you can’t eat a Chicago Dog unless you’ve had minimum 4 drinks or else you’ll probably throw up. Or laughing at all those 111 people who got a “being in a tavern under 21” ticket — including yourself.

Or begging for meal swipes from underclassmen and usually finding a way to get a hot cookie at Cobeen. Or making a friend at the AMU who could sneak you extra chicken tenders at lunch.

It could be Wednesdays at Mikey’s or those hangover burgers at Sobleman’s. It could definitely be Labor Day beach days or the Friday night Annex bowling league.

Or maybe it’s that kick ass senior week planned for us. A bonfire bigger than the house you grew up in or getting kicked out of a casino because of an unheard of dress code.

I think it has to be that insane group of friends that make you laugh harder than anything else. And those people who walked into your life that you know will be there forever. It’s knowing that you can run into these people years afterwards and we’d all still know to scream the same thing: We are Marquette.

I don’t think there has ever been a more anticipated National Marquette Day — at least not for me. After leaving Milwaukee and watching Marquette from a distance, I have never been more excited to wear blue and gold and shuffle into the Bradley Center with some of the loves of my life. I guess distance does make the heart grow even fonder. Hurry up February 18th, we need you.

By the way — I don’t mean to be so sappy, but I mean someone had to say it.