Had Bernie been Bernadette — The heartbreaking truth about American patriarchy
Lauren Besser

I call bullshit. I read some of your comments. “Please don’t call me girl.” “Be careful of speaking down to women, Steve. It makes you look foolish.” Sure, I can tell you that I’m a feminist and have read all the lit, but I doubt that will help.

You ignore Crys’ main point, that Hillary is not a good candidate because she has an inconsistent message. Men get criticized for flip-flopping too. But when we pick between two flip-flopping men, then that ISSUE is less important than, say, experience.

You accuse Steve of speaking down to women. No, he was just speaking down to YOU. Maybe that’s a way to deflect. Say he’s just blaming your gender. But now you’re contributing to the problem you decry. He is right, Warren would win handedly. She played the boy’s game according to the boy’s rules.

Bernie is winning because he has a consistent message. If Hillary could say the same, she would win by a landslide. She didn’t have the privilege of doing what he did? She had to play politics to be one of the guys? Again, see Warren argument above.

I, personally, don’t give two shits if HRC is a man, woman, trans, etc. I distaste HRC as much as I dislike Obama, Romney (ok, maybe less than Romney), McCain, etc. For the same reason. They are all bought off puppets. Throw in gross flip-flopping and there’s nothing left to be said. She was wrong on gay marriage. Wrong on criminal justice. Wrong on trade policies. Wrong about Reagan’s legacy concerning HIV/AIDS.

Bernie is none of those things. That’s the only thing that matters. The only person saying gender is an issue is you. It is you that looks foolish.