Get back at it — what’s your motivation?

Are there any days where you just feel demotivated? Why is that?

Here is an exercise I just came up with — I’m going to try to write out what demotivates me and what motivates me. Not going to edit, just writing out what I feel.

For me, I feel demotivated when:

  • I’ve done some task, then realize that it will not make a difference — nobody will care about it and I’ve just wasted all this time…
  • I look back and see that I’ve been wasting the past hour procrastinating

To be productive, you have to be motivated internally. I feel motivated when:

  • I get advice from people on how to improve _____ — it shows that someone cares
  • I get something (feature/fix) actually working

What’s your advice on getting yourself motivated and how to do you get back in the swing of things when you’ve been feeling not-so-motivated for a while?

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