Planning to Workout? Here’s how you can listen to podcasts on your Apple Watch or Android Wear without having to carry around your smart phone.

Have you ever tried to find a podcast app for your smartwatch that works without the phone?

Well if you’re reading this, then you probably haven’t. Look no further. I’ve found the solution.

If you have an Apple Watch…

(Android Wear users, scroll down)

Use Watch Player

Full disclosure: I haven’t used this, but it has the most reviews so far and it is actively being bug-fixed (developer last updated 12/18/2017).

Only 99 cents — worth it!

Coolest features (from description):

  • You can add Podcast Episodes directly from Downcast, Overcast or Castro or any other URL containing an Audio File.
  • If you use these Apps as your primary podcast App, you don’t need to handle your feeds in WatchPlayer.
  • Just use the sharing menu in these Apps to copy the episode details to WatchPlayer. It will download automatically and is then prepared for transferring to Apple Watch.

Else if you have an Android Wear

Use Wear Casts

Free?!?!?! Totally worth it!
  • Remembers last played position for each podcast
  • Responds to external audio controls
  • Oh and it’s free!

When searching for this in the Play store on your watch, use the exact spelling ‘Wear Casts’. (If you have a Sony smartwatch, this might not work says many users in the reviews)

You have to download the app of the same name on your Android phone — you will paste in your feed URL there, but you don’t need to carry the phone with you to listen.

Troubleshooting tip: When I was using the Android (phone) app and pasted in my Feed URL, there was no response. You have to go to the watch app, swipe down to go to settings, scroll to the bottom, then tap ‘Click to sync podcasts’.

You Might Also Want to Try This

Full disclosure: I wrote the following service to help me catch up with my reading list of articles.

If you have an article you want to consume during your workout, you can send in the URL, and have it converted to speech.

My Orator (, just launched on Product Hunt, will give you a private podcast feed URL which you can add to your watch using one of the apps described above.

There is no app installation needed to use this service, just use the website to manage your list.

You’ll have to check it out and let me know what you think.

My Orator — A service I’ve launched on Product Hunt 12/28/2017 — feature suggestions are most welcome

Long press the ‘Podcast App’ icon to copy the feed URL, then paste it into the phone app.

You can try it out on this image above.

You can also listen to the feed in your browser.


Hope this short article has solved one of your first world problems…

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