You miss the point of that phrase.

I’m hurting race relations? Each woman trying to make her career is special and different and really attempting to make art. The author here is writing about that art and he simply lumps them together as another white woman. Completely disregarding that person for being the unique person they are. I’m not going to make comparisons to other races or give you a straw man argument. I’m saying that was wrong and a better writer can do a lot better job. Maybe it’s a question of the authors talent, but I don’t think so. I think he views all white women the same and gives none of them credit for being a unique and beautiful person.

I have a sensitive side to the injection of race when it lazily makes a point for you. Do the work and get it right, don’t get sloppy and just use race to make a quick blunt point. It’s distracting and it really adds nothing to the article or to “race relations”.

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