Facebook People Search Done Right.

Lex Breb
Lex Breb
Oct 24, 2018 · 3 min read

Facebook is the king of social media. Having over 2 billion members worldwide. Its truly a goldmine for people information if you know what you're doing or have backdoor access. Not only is it great for locating long lost friends and family members. But its also an extremely effective tool for professional searches. Like a potential employee lookup, renter evaluating, a potential future spouse, and a handful of other reason. Because of the way people have been conditioned to and/or have conditioned themselves to display their life on social media a quick glace of their timeline can expose information which might be very crucial for professional reasons. It’s also a create tool for locating people we need to get in touch with. The chat feature can connect us with potentially anyone in a very short amount of time.

Facebook used to make searching for people simple by having an internal people finder tool. Unfortunately that tool has been discontinued. The page is still up somehow but not functioning. I’m not sure why they keep it up having been out of service for years now. Your choices is to use a 3rd party application that gathers facebook and other online account details and provides an easy to use database. Do an instant social media plus other records lookup at Freepeoplescan.com and see what kind of information is available on just about anyone.

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Despite the fact Facebook took down their own people finder tool. There’s one other tool which is likely to provide you with the closest outcomes after facebooks very own database. That tool is Google if you’re willing to put a little time into your research. Good old google is still web data scrape king and they make lots on money doing this. You just need to understand how to make the search box work better for this type of search.

As simple as the google search box might appears. Do not let it deceive you. It’s just about the most potent tools for sifting through web data in existence without all the flare. However you need to get much more specific implementing your search with the use of things called “google search operators”.

The search operator we are going to use for find people on facebook is site:facebook.com it’s going to enhance the search by only presenting results for facebook.com particularly. Wrap quotes around each one group of keywords along with a + following site:facebook.com/people (look at examples down below and try with as well as without having quotes).

Let’s add the person’s first and last name site:facebook.com/people + “Billy Green” (Click the link to see how it should look in google)

Now let us add the individuals location site:facebook.com/people + “Billy Green” “Dallas”

Now lets incorporate a high school or something different which may make the lookup a lot more appropriate like place of business / school. site:facebook.com/people + “Billy Green” “Dallas” “high school”

Let’s say you only possess a cellular phone number or possibly a first name as well as random details such as college the person went to. The approach is identical and can be scaled once you see exactly what I’m doing.

Telephone number setup will be site:facebook.com + 214-670–5111

This is just about the best way to locate specific facebook profiles. Unless facebook decides to turn their internal people finder tool back on. We’re left with either using a third party tool or getting hands on with our search using google.

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