We are a small company and most of the time we have been developing mobile and web applications for our clients during the last ten years.

We love doing that but it’s only about selling our own time. No matter if we are paid per hour or per project, it’s always about how many hours it takes.

Do you want to earn more money? You need to put in more hours and because there are only 24 hours in a day, you need more manpower, larger offices, more computers and most importantly — more coffee…

Another problem is the budget of your client.

Customers always want to get as much as possible while keeping it as cheap as possible. That’s OK — we all want that.

With some clients, this isn’t such a big problem because they understand that great solutions have their price.

But you may have to refuse to work for clients with a limited budget. Do a job that’s not perfect or simply work for less money to get by.

And you don’t really want this to happen to you. When you love your craft, you want to make the best product possible for your clients and you know that is not possible with a limited budget.

The reasons above made us think about another way to tackle this problem; build “Software as a Service” to cover at least a part of the market that would be too time consuming to cover with the original approach i.e. development from scratch.

That’s how Effortix, a DIY solution for (not only) business mobile apps, was given birth.

Major benefits for our clients:

  • affordable solution without a compromise on quality
  • more features without extra investments
  • much easier and faster to build a mobile app
  • no up-front investment
  • no risky development of untested concepts

Benefits for us:

  • scalable — we can earn more money
  • we can do better work because there is no budget to fit in
  • we can serve more clients and help more companies

But it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. The development of Effortix took very long time, cost us a bunch of money, and there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Changing the world is not cheap

Currently, we are in the early stage of building our user base and figuring out our best marketing approach.

To fund all of this, we still actively seek new clients and take work from them, which gets us back to the issues outlined above but we can minimize them now that we have Effortix.

We have become more effective as a result of having Effortix. We can now use it as a framework and build new features for it simultaneously.

On top of that, our clients can manage their mobile app content with Effortix as easily as they would be using WordPress to manage their websites.

This is a win — win situation for both parties involved. However, we would still rather focus fully on growing our user base and building more features for Effortix to make it even easier for our clients to get the mobile apps they want in an affordable way.

Educate your market

Few years ago, we have introduced mobile guides in our country, the Czech Republic. We were first to do it here (there are about ten similar products now).

Being first was great because there was no competition. However, nobody knew what our mobile guide is, nobody searched for it and nobody wanted it.

We had to show them what we are doing. We traveled from one city to another telling them how great mobile guides are. It worked like magic and everybody liked it, some bought.

Nevertheless, it cost so much money and energy — thousands of kilometres in a car, sleeping in hotels, hundreds of phone calls, etc.

In the end, we’ve created a whole new market for mobile guides and our competitors benefit from that fact now.

However, we are still the best choice for the most of the cities and it’s much easier to sell it today for literally a few bucks because we have educated them and they want it now.

And again, we use Effortix for mobile guides and our clients can build the content of their apps easily.

Our goal is to go global with our platform. Effortix is well-tested and powerful.

We have some clients that use it only to manage data in their internal systems and some clients with completely custom mobile solutions built on top of our platform.

That means, that if our clients have specific needs for the system or an app and Effortix doesn’t offer a solution by default, they can contact us and get it done cheaper than having a software or app developed from scratch by us or our competitors.

There is still a long way before us but the future is promising. We do our best every day and each day is an opportunity for us.

Not an opportunity to change the world as we know it (some startups try to do it or claim to be trying), but to change even a tiny part of it as we did with the mobile guides.

And Effortix seems like a good way to change the world of mobile development. At least for us.

By Vaclav Hodek, CEO

You can learn more about Effortix on our website and read more stories on our blog.

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