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Effotel Hotel
Jun 21 · 3 min read

Are you ready for your next business trip and searching for some true luxury business hotels in Indore? then get ready to visit Indore and relax and plan your business plans at Effotel Indore.

Effotel Hotel in Indore

Effotel Indore

When you visit Indore for a business trip, Effotel Indore is the place to stay that will surely satisfy your needs of providing true luxury restaurants in indore for you. With the beautiful peace and aura of the hotel, that is totally enwrapped in luxurious magnificence of beautiful comforts that are purely complemented by the hospitality of our staff that will leave a sweet smile on your face.

Talking about the grandeur of the hotel, we certainly make sure that our guests have the most optimum experience according to their needs and we customize our service according to your needs and expectations. We believe that a hotel is built by true humanity and caring for people and their needs.

Sincerity, warmth & efficiency

Considered among the best 4-star hotels in India, The Effotel by Sayaji is a truly a business hotel that operates on these three words, Sincerity, Warmth & Efficiency and we abide by these words to provide an unforgettable experience to the guests.

From the aesthetically and magnificently designed accommodation, restaurant and business halls make sure that you are the most productive yet most relaxed and exuberant and your stay becomes truly incredible and relaxing.

We make sure to set so high standards that the guests feel at home with our grand luxurious experiences that will surely provide you with a sense of feel that somebody cares for you every second that you spend in Effotel by Sayaji.


With the beautiful bohemian decor and an Asian chic feeling of these rooms, you will surely feel the luxury and decor was never imagined this good. With the theme of 7 colors of VIBGYOR, you will get a sense of freshness and rejuvenation that you have never experienced before. From the best and most comfortable beds to premium decorated furniture and plush couches will surely provide you with the feeling of relaxation and sumptuousness.


A delicious meal that is consistent on healthy standards is all you need to be super productive or relaxing with the chic vibe with some drinks is the best way to spend some time eat and snacking at Effotel by Sayaji.

With the restaurant “Capers” enjoy some luscious multi-cuisine experience that is truly at a level of foods prepared for Gods. With the chefs that take care of every detail related to the food that you get healthy yet delightful cuisines with tastes that are out of this world.

With Good Old Days Bar you will be sure to spend the best moments in trendy and vivacious decor that will help you share some good moments together with every type of Scotch that you can imagine and classy French wines or some exotic lacquers get ready to spend the best times of your life there.

With the morning cravings of great breakfast will be filled with our multi-cuisine coffee shop Cube. You prefer American, European or Asian breakfast that is prepared in most healthy styles and with pure nutritional values.

At Effotel by Sayaji, you can be certain that plush luxury goes hand in hand. If you are searching for banquet halls in indore near bus stand or the hotel somewhere in Indore, then your best choice will be Effotel Indore by Sayaji. Come and experience the true hospitality and plush luxury that will surely leave a smile on your face.

Effotel Hotel

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