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Do you take your sight for granted? Think about what it would be like if you couldn’t see color, or if you lost a part of your eyesight every day. For 23-year-old Minhui this is a reality.

One of Many

As a young girl, Minhui experienced a lot of suffering. At age four, her sight was much weaker than other people’s. …

Published September 2018

If you want to learn English in 2019 and you want to do it through an app, there are literally thousands of choices. In fact, even if you’re weirdly picky and only want to learn from…say a bird mascot, by our count you still have about seven apps to choose from.

So … why in the world are we building another English language learning app?

Reason # 1: We believe in “conversation”

We know there’s a big gap between how people learn a language on their phones and how they would eventually use that language in practice. More often than not, app-based learning usually centers around basic memorization of vocabulary with a sprinkling of gamification. This makes it extraordinarily hard for a learner to apply her learnings in the real world, let alone find and participate in an inspiring practice environment. …

When immigrants and refugees come to the U.S. seeking security and opportunity, they leave a lot behind — family, careers, professional networks, and their native language. For many newcomers, English proficiency is one of the biggest hurdles to re-establishing a career. Upwardly Global — a national nonprofit that helps newcomers integrate into the professional workforce — is working to ensure that these talented men and women are able to fully contribute their skills to the U.S.

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From Mexico to the United States

When Sofia immigrated from her home country of Mexico to the United States in 2017, she left behind a successful 15-year career working as the Chief of Energy Saving Training Department for Federal Commission of Electricity, Public Utility and Energy and then as a consultant at the Center for Sustainable Energy. …

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