The DANGER Report does not outline solutions to issues in the real estate industry. Rather, it puts problems in the real estate industry on the table to encourage discussion and proactive solution forming for the issues it outlines.

The report outlines a danger index, ranging from 0–100, the higher the score of a particular issue in the industry, the more damage or danger it imposes to agents, brokers, the NAR, etc.

The implications of the report are relevant to document management systems because the real estate industry is interconnected by a unique web of causes and effects.

Although we will…

This 2017 DMS comparison pits DocuWare against eFileCabinet, DocuWare being perhaps our strongest competitor when analyzing depth of features and bandwidth, offering a more complex solution than either M-Files or DocStar. However, one of eFileCabinet’s strongest points is the level and depth of features it provides without cluttering the user interface or confusing customers.

2017 DMS Innovation and Usability

In a comparison of top document management vendors, Finances Online awarded eFileCabinet with the 2016 Supreme Software Award, with a 100% user satisfaction rating and a software rating of 9.0. DocuWare, DocStar, and M-Files were included in this comparison.

2016 was a breakthrough year for eFileCabinet…

Many document management prospects considering eFileCabinet also consider Neat document management. The typical prospect deciding between these two options is confused by the differences between the two products, and this confusion is justified — choosing a software to reinvent and optimize your business processes is a big deal, but we’re here to help (and as unbiasedly as possible).

Where eFileCabinet Wins

Neat is a great product, but there are several factors that set eFileCabinet apart from its offering — primarily its credentials, recognition, support, automation bandwidth, and price.

Document Management Credentials and Recognition

These are just a few of the accolades and recognition eFileCabinet has received that Neat…

As a software produced by LSSP Corporation, Pinpoint has been on the document management market for roughly 10 years, selling web-based solutions.

On the other hand, eFileCabinet has been in business for 15 years, selling a range of document management and office automation technologies. Keep reading to find out which 2017 document management software is best for your business objectives.

Where Pinpoint Loses

Although it’s a decent system, Pinpoint loses to eFileCabinet on a couple crucial document management levels. …

Both FileHold and eFileCabinet are privately held document management system vendors. With FileHold’s headquarters in Canada and eFileCabinet’s in Lehi, Utah, the set of features available in each document management system are as different as the locations of each vendor.

While FileHold has carved out a niche market among large sized enterprises and the manufacturing sector, eFileCabinet has staked claim to the financial services industry, particularly accountants.

Although this guide is not a comprehensive list of the differences between each vendor, it is intended to serve as a quick reference for the major differences between each software, ensuring you buy…

Laserfiche has a strong foothold in the legal, wealth management, education, and justice system industries, whereas a greater percentage of eFileCabinet’s customers, if not in accounting, are spread among verticals from property management to construction.

Human resources and healthcare are the main overlaps between the two vendors. But despite the respective footholds and tiny overlaps, each vendor offers a solution that could benefit businesses in any industry.

A more important factor in selecting the best solution for your business is understanding the difference between ECM and DMS.

Key eFileCabinet and Laserfiche Differences

eFileCabinet = DMS, Laserfiche = ECM

eFileCabinet is a document management system, whereas Laserfiche is an enterprise content management…

If we were comparing soft drinks, we wouldn’t need an article for it. But software is chess, not checkers, right? So without further ado, let’s take an unflinching look at the drawbacks, benefits, and similarities of eFileCabinet’s document management system and Dropbox for Business, so you can decide which solution is best for your needs.

Key Document Management Similarities

Both eFileCabinet and Dropbox for Business have carved out solid niches in the digital information management space. …

We no longer have the luxury of inefficiency — of dawdling away our time. Every business’s efforts must be completed intentionally and in concert to maximize collaboration, effectiveness, and resourcefulness. In fact, we can go so far as to say that strategy is nothing without the technology to inform it.

This is because strategy is no longer the most effective way to solve internal operations problems. Therefore, small businesses must rely on technologies like document management software, which offer immediate, scalable, and enduring solutions to problems that would otherwise cripple their efforts to grow. …

Technology has redefined strategy. Strategy should no longer involve technology — rather, technology should bring the potential of strategy.

The term “buzzword” does not even do justice to the place “strategy” holds in businesses across the globe. In fact, strategy has become a term so sacred, so cherished, and so coddled by the masses that it cannot be dismissed in the conversation of any boardroom in America.

Even if what you’re saying is incredibly stupid, using the term “strategy” will redeem your image in the eyes of those who judge you so ruthlessly. …

The 21stCentury gave birth to smart phones and cars, so why is it that offices cannot hold the same rank? Well, it’s because they’re not using eFileCabinet. Keep reading to identify why smart businesses are relying on eFileCabinet, and for a number of reasons:

Document Security

Data breaches are a bigger threat now than ever before. Ensure your documents are safe from both human threats and natural disasters both in-transit and at rest with a web portal, including the data backup any great business system demands.

Backing up information on a zip drive or desktop not only isn’t as secure, it doesn’t…


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