YouTube has become more popular than TV in some countries and keeps getting more and more popular. Bloggers have become a new generation of celebrities hence both big famous brands and small unknown firms want to sign advertising contracts with them. However, only a few advertising agencies work with bloggers…

Decentralized Production is a subproject by that helps to turn small YouTubers into stars.

DP connects bloggers with media specialists (directors, cameramen, editors, etc) and producers in order to increase the content quality and hence grow bloggers channels which will make them more attractive to advertisers.

This is how Decentralized Production works: bloggers create profiles and upload 3 videos that they consider their best…

What is the real reason for Google to purchase Famebit? Is it actually beneficial for the platform?

From the very moment of its appearance in 2005 YouTube became an absolute leader among video-hosting platforms. Advertising is a traditional source of YouTube income. If the advertiser needs PR for its product…

Bloggers native advertising market is growing actively right now. That means that a lot of tools and mechanisms that are supposed to help developing the market are emerging.

The classic one is bloggers exchange. It’s a database of bloggers which plays a role of mediator between bloggers and advertisers.


The term of native advertising

Native advertising makes it possible to create content aimed at attracting potential customers more efficiently. The peculiarity of native advertising lies in the fact that it is embedded in content. In other words, it is often content itself.

The industry of blogging, especially, videoblogging, has grown tremendously. They are at least 170k Youtube channels with more than 20k subscribers. That means that they cover a huge audience from all over the world.

Almost any advertiser can find a blogger for product promotion.

However, as the market is still…


Connecting players of bloggers native advertising market

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