Lay off of them Blue Suede Shoes!

There will always be one thing that gets under my high starched collar. One thing that burns me more than any slander of my own name. That is the ridicule of Elvis A. Presley.

Since the beginning of time it seems Elvis Presley has been a part of my life. It began in my teen years in the year 2001. Yeah, I am actually a millennial that rocks to the music of yesteryear. Someone once said “Elvis has the kind of effect on you when he sings, it soothes and comforts you, you can either rock to his music or you can lay down and cry.”

I have done a bit of both in the past 16 years. I try to explain it to people this way: You have your cigarettes, your alcohol, you rely on these things in your everyday life. I choose to listen to Elvis Presley’s music. It connects me with so much happiness of my past that I listen to it to bring back memories, moments, feelings that I have sitting by the rivers of my memory.

Ask anyone that knows me. Even someone who has only known me for a couple weeks. They can tell you my name cannot be brought up without the mention of Elvis Presley. It would be absurd any other way. He is just a part of my life like a family member. Why? because I keep him there. It’s where he belongs and will stay until the ground covers my shell and the Heavens hold my soul.

I got a little off track. While listening to Elvis Radio today I heard one of the DJ’s talk about an incident where someone had said something tasteless about Elvis and without thinking he went into defense mode. I laughed. Not at the DJ, but at the fact that I knew exactly what he was speaking of. You see there are a lot of different kinds of Elvis fans. You have the eccentric and you have the more down to earth fans. There is one thing we both share. We are a family. We adore the man not just for the music, but for the words of wisdom, the kind acts of love and the passion of life that was and still is Elvis Presley.

I am almost positive most of the world knows the name Elvis Presley. Believe it or not the fans aren’t dying off. Some of them were born within the last 10 years. Trust me that is fact. What I am also almost positive of is that there are many people who do not know Elvis past the entertainer or what he supposedly liked to consume on a regular basis. Yes, it is true he made mistakes, but Elvis was not a God. He was a lesson of endurance. A teaching that even the biggest name in music is not immune to the temptations of the world.

So next time the name Elvis Presley comes up. I hope you stop and think about what you are putting forward in the world for the next generation to believe when it comes to who the press dubbed “The King of Rock n’ Roll” because we all know word of mouth travels fast.