My legs shook. I wanted to cry. But I chose this. At 10:30am on January 1st, 2018, I paused as I walked across a 1 foot wide snow-covered catwalk, and stared down the eleven-thousand feet that dropped to the base of the volcano. …

Originally written December 2013

I’m about to become a dropout twice over.

I’m terrified, but I’ve thought it over enough to be absolutely sure that’s it’s the right thing to do despite how daunting the consequences may seem to me right now.

There’s a sense of guilt that comes with the decision, but it’s mostly finance-based (a bad…

It’s crazy to think of the reasons why I’ve kept myself from sharing this for so long.

He doesn’t deserve to have someone talk about him like this, to put his off-stage persona on display.

He’s not a bad person, just a little fucked up.

The first time he hurt…

Emma Follender

Developer @Instrument, design hobbyist, and coffee enthusiast

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