The Man who Hears — Day 1

He woke up at 6 am, office cab arrive at 8:30 am but he needs to test his hypothesis, the interview of the Global Head of a FMCG Conglomerate is scheduled at 6:30 am, right at TV right at time, first time in his entire life, just ready to listen, the right question comes just 5 minutes into the interview “So what do you think about the strife situation between your head of finance and marketing ? How are you handling the situation ?” and here comes the sermon “I do not think there is any strife between any of those in-fact it is a war an ego-war which have the potential to take down major part of our business, we are already facing losses close to $1 billion due to various penalties and misappropriations, I am sitting comfortable as I know I would be leaving this company within a year, I am already considering various proposals and pulling out my resources from the company, while the losses will be covered through misappropriation in accounting but we are also facing a whistle blower situation “. This was all which was needed, just 10 minutes and he goes back to the bed with a laptop, jotting it down and then he listens to that interview again for the words, he recently opened a trading account and has transferred all his savings and today is the day when he is going to execute the trade which can bring results in some days.He was researching this company, analyzing charts, studying statements, making candlestick patterns, all this will bring the result soon.

Excitement would not let him sleep, just when the market opens, he short sell the Futures of FMCG stock, log out the account, get ready and leave his bunker for the office.Today he is happy just contentment type happy after such a long time after suffering for such a long time, today is the day when he will finally did what he was contemplating.

Back at office, the grim faces on a Monday Morning does not bother him today, soon after completing all the morning office rituals he starts working, well he is just an associate, if you are one of his friends or colleague, you will feel like being an associate is an impasse for him, he is an associate for last 4 years, but once you move up the hierarchy you will realize, that considering it an impasse is highly casuist in his case, because he has an affinity for work, for any work which just happened to be an associate for the time being and he suffers ennui whenever he is not working, he blithely expound this every time he is about to get a raise as to why he wants to be just an associate even after being a top achiever. His answers are mostly terse and elusive in a way that nobody can tell that they know him. Even though they might.

Soon, the chainsmokers enters his ears and he starts working as diligently as he can, chainsmokers is just the focus strategy because he does not want to listen to anybody, even though he is friendly he was never close to anybody, he is desperate for fucking somebody mainly because of the age and blames himself more of situations of not doing it yet, but he has said no so many times, even he does not know what he is looking for, but now he has got some direction which will soon be poured into his love life as well.Today after work he is going to meet his crush, though he is a bit shy, he always makes sure he try things before giving up and this date is the result of this trying only, later at night he would be meeting Anna,one off complicated relationship he have as he plans to sort this part of his life today.

The email arrived and today he has a meeting with one of his colleagues and senior manager, confirmed in a second, moving back to work, he starts thinking while making those excels about all the things he can now do and how it is his manifestation to finally move from being an associate but he plans to give it sometime till the dust of his past settles down, interrupted by a sweet and diligent voice, it is Linda, she sits next to her and need his help on one of the analysis again, he helped her according to his flatulent nature to which she said “Thank you why don’t you take me out to dinner sometime”? to which he said nothing and move back.

On time the meeting starts and the usual question is what do you want to do ? To this his pretentious self has an answer tonight, I want to show the truth, show what truth really means, how lie can be many but truth is just one and will remain just that, one which is not hard to find and see but just hard to accept and make reach for the highest possible self possible for everyone. They are used to his talks of a Utopian Society many a times but were shocked and surprised to get an answer for the question, and then again he rejected the promotion for the other guy because he said he wanted to get married soon as his fiance is already pregnant.After leaving he thinks probably because of office fuck, starts dreaming and then feels like he does not care.He was anyway thinking about his short sell Stock with the long hard stock.

After leaving the office early, he left for the gleaming eyes which were late by 10 minutes to which his sarcasm added a feeling of ingenuity, trying to make it more awkward and trying to make her plead he asked for the menu and finally he could hear sorry for being late. He does not mind it but expect this and has his own way to get what he wants, more of an affinity to his mental capabilities, as soon as the conversation starts he asked her the reason of her being with her ? To him it was his metamorphic profundity which forced him to ask this while to her it cannot be more than a metamorphic insanity, still keeping calm, smiling and sipping the insipid water, she said because I am depressed of my dumb boy friend who have all the money but does not care to know me, she notice his shiny eyes and he was her crush as well which was a huge surprise to him, after 2 hours with all the conversations, he tries to speak as less as he can and when finally when it ends he leaves with goosebumps.

The only reason why he keeps meeting Anna again and again is not because he cannot live without her but she is the only one who can be as impudent as she want, impale his ears with words for all his faults but still the only thing he always listen to is when she say that she loves him with the real meaning of the word, he ignores the words and focus on the eyes, smiles awkwardly, be as eccentric as he is, hug her and leave for home.

Its half hour to midnight and he checks his Trading Account, after the interview broadcast he lost $1000 within a day on his trade, he write it in his journal to short sell some more tomorrow, smiles to himself and falls asleep.

Time to reveal himself, you can meet him, he is ‘Adam’, he hears — hears the truth, only ‘truth’