Today was yet another day filled with challenges and gaining experience in the world of tech,I would call the homestudy sessions one of the best experiences I have had and it was a joy to know that I could actually stay at doing one thing for more than eighteen hours for four days.being the final day of the homestudy session.The output for today was especially daunting as I had to build a simple web user interface and then write functions that at first I thought I cannot handle but knowing it was the last day I had to deliver my best no matter what.

I had a very challenging experience delivering the outputs on the expected functions today due to the fact that there was no power source for me to work with,I had to run down my street to a soccer viewing station to work.A place dread being seen at because of the notorious activities performed there,but all thesame it helped me reach my goal for today.Andela has taught me during this past few days that I had to give everything and everything I promise to give.

I started practicing basic html ten months ago never knowing that I would be in the nearest future I would ever have the opportunity to know a company like andela that will make you pummel your mind and heart towards tech,It has been challenging but worthwhile.within a timeframe of just five days I have learned that many programmers have not learned in a year.

All thanks to Andela for this never-forgetful experience.

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