Michael Andrew Law: A Peek into the Life and Works of an Ultimate Surrealistic Painter

Michael Andrew Law

Victor punchy once said “Art, freedom, and creativity will change society faster than politics” and phenomena figures like Michael Andrew Law are fulfilling that prophecy.

Born in 1982, Law can be described as so much more than am art sensation; he has succeeded in creating what renowned art dealer Douse Cramer calls “Hyper pop surrealist paintings”.

He was born in British Hong Kong and studied painting with Sam Tsang of the Central Academy of Art in Beijing. He also studied with New York’s native classical painter Dan Anderson at his Hong Kong studio.

He later went on to co-found the Hong Kong art studio Nature set workshop — An organization that fosters young and emerging artists in Hong Kong and also market works that are affiliated with Michael Law.

His early works comprised of comics and illustrations which were often featured in various publications including the Catholic children’s Bible.

In 2006, Law became more focused as a fine art painter and created several remarkable works many of which were of revered Catholic figures including the late Pope John Paul II and the retired pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI. Other notable works that had Law’s magic touch includes the oil painting of Mother Teresa and portraits of several Hong Kong’s celebrities all of which have been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Since then he has created over 12,000 works and organized several exhibitions including ones that share a wide range of response to Hong Kong’s Gen Y culture.

Aside from studio work, Law has also written tons of papers on contemporary art and films and has led seminars and talks where subjects like classic art, contemporary art, modern art and even motivational subjects were discussed.

He has also taught in workshops of classical and contemporary arts for schools, corporations and other organizations for both entertainment as well as educational purposes.

In 2010, he embarked on researching and studying contemporary art by interviewing established contemporary artists. He has since interviewed several renowned artists including legendary Anish Kapoor, Peiming Yan, David Salle and a host of others. These interviews are documented in his art magazine, People on Art Magazine.

His most notable works include: Somewhat beyond my reach and Humanity, both of 2005 and 2007 respectively.

In his latest hyper-pop surrealism series, Law is in dialogue with famous paintings of past and present works by legendary artists including Da Vinci and Vermeer.

Hyper Pop Surrealism — A Pastiche

Law’s paintings have been described as a device for connecting everyone in the dialogue of encouraging or challenging the viewers to question the ideal between mastery, greatness, superficiality, and hypocrisy.

Michael Andrew Law also own a production group in Hong Kong where he serves as a film director and has produced and directed several videos and documentaries.

He has won multiple Awards and also owns a clothing design collection.