July 5, 2016

I’m not a writer but I saw the story of ‘Alton Sterling’ and felt compelled to write something. So excuse all the grammatical errors. My words below are of mix emotions trying to understand how Anton must have felt, not knowing what was going to happen.


They say, the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice.
The darker the skin, the less reasons to use;

Violence is inevitable, injustices we’ve grown attune
Trying to smile through all the bullshit and 
at the same time, learning to sing the right tune.

To wallow in this hardship, life imbalanced, and injustice in different ways.
All the while, anticipating and hoping for a brighter day.

Events have documented these testament of what we all go through,
Muddying the waters, for happiness we all try to pursue.

How many minutes, hours, days, and months must past
For me to believe, justice is for all, but not my black ass.

I’m of sound reason and mind
But to have you talk to me first, you done think I lost my mind.

For in every thought I try to believe, today is the day I can finally be.


For in this life I live, my presence comes and goes
Refusing to stay down, hold on, and fight for all I know.

If I scare you, I’m sorry, my apologies, I must admit.
I’m just hoping one day, you’ll say, “Alton, that cd was the shit”.

Not today, nor tomorrow, or the next.
Will I be able to speak of what I was, 
What I planned, who I’ve become in proper context.

For my days were cut short trying to provide for my kins
As in all tragedies, they’ll bring up my past sins.

Some good, some bad, just trying to make ends meet.
In my position, my immediate vision of getting by
Is all that I could see.

So until next time, remember me on this day. 
Trying to fuel hope, for a dream, instead of watching it fade.

I listened like you. I loved like you. I died like you.


I hope these lessons give cops more perspective on how to change for the better. I understand they deal with some very hard issues. I tend to give both parties the benefit of the doubt, but in this case, it’s hard given the video. My heart goes out to Alton and his family. What took place is not right.

With that said, I must also say, not all cops are bad. And cops’, not all people are criminals. The days of believing a person is guilty until proven innocent has to change. For if we approach all individuals as criminals, we justify our actions. This self justification is a dilemma in itself.

In addition, the mob mentality is infectious and we have to think above it, so as to understand how to proceed properly in the future. As with anything, things take time and time doesn’t move fast enough. But if we keep participating to achieve a better result, it’s my hope, we’ll get there.

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