New brand, new story

Cuadrangular team enjoying “Viernes de Tacos” next the agency

It was 2012 when I co-founded with a friend of mine, Miguel Valdez, IF Solutions, a Digital Marketing Agency, we were just two unexperienced young men with a lot of enthusiasm, loving the idea of implementing our ideas in some new brand or product we hunt. The idea of creating something new, getting some project that the people could see and feel was just unbelievable.

Getting into a new world

We knew what we wanted to do, but we didn’t have any remote idea how make it a business or a real company, thats when we decided to get surrounded by people starting a business too, so started in a business incubator. We met amazing people there that really share our vision, they became our whole family, sharing experiences and helping to grow up each other. It was a great time, exploring a world that we didn’t know existed, the only thing here was that we wasn’t sustainable.

Meeting our first clients

At this time we were just two co-founders in the business, some months had passed but we were struggled in the lack of money, that’s when we really knew the reality of a small business, you can not just be having some ideas with out monetizing them, you have to survive in the market.

We met our first clients then, frieds of friends, our hability to sell a service in which we didn’t have any experience was such a big challenge, thanks to those people trust in us, the business they loved so much in our hands.

Managing the team

We had the clients, the knowledge, but… how the hell should we operate the business?

Recruiting was not our strongest ability and of course leading a team wasn’t either, we began with some part time employees, unexperienced but the same ambition to do an excellent work with our first clients. We learned to lead the team, making our best effort on inspire them for life and business. While you try to be honest with your team, share your ideas and treat them with the same respect you treat your clients there’s no way your team will not be with you in any time.

Suddenly we realized we had to cover a lot of stuff at the same time, we started delegating small responsabilities to our first employees, we divided the responsabilities in small areas in the company; web services, social media services, finance and administration. That would let us work with different responsability and in the same direction the business demanded. Even though one person could even manage two different section, we could track every move and performance we had.

Struggle times came by, and it wouldn’t be possible it the whole team wouldn’t have been with us.

One of the first team at incubator ITESM Campus MTY

Amazing people, new partners

Bigger projects and new opportunities arrived, for the first time we were able to hire full time employees in the team, the responsabilities for them and for us increased at the same time. Now, we shall have looked after our team and their profesional growth. As a service industry we knew we should invest in our biggest asset, our human resource. Every single day we learn about them more than they from us.

We met amazing people almost everyday, two of them became our technology partner, Scitus Labs, two incredible young entrepreneurs that by a early age they had done much better with their business than us. The value for clients on mixing technology with digital marketing is just remarkable. The two business started to grow together and new business opportunities were opened, we worked for 6 months when we decided to move two business to new offices.

Cuadrangular Digital Agency

New experiences arrived, new projects, new amazing people working for both business, new learnings and of course, the oxygen of any business… Money through some new projects. It was when we decided join the both business goals into one, we created a new digital agency able to do the perfect match between marketing and technology.

We’re just starting the trip, always following our vision and working hard. But what really matters is how fun you get doing what you do every single day in your life. Enjoy the moment!