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A project for American Studies, by Emily Fried.

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What does passion mean to you?

For me, it varies as much as the views of patriotism between Zinn and Wiesel.

Well, maybe not that much, but you get the gist.

If you can’t tell, I’m passionate about a lot of things. Writing, television, possibly writing for television.

I love to write poetry, monologues, you name it.

I can play three brass instruments, my most favorite of the three being the euphonium.

I believe in standing up for people whose voices are silenced. I want to actually try and reform systems that cause poverty, pain, and suffering. A career in political science, possibly?

I’m now finishing this at a bit over 100 words, but passion is something that cannot be restricted by a number.

“Taste” by Sleeping At Last

Picture at 9 PM:

Three people who inspire me:

Shonda Rhimes

Source: http://blog.ted.com/shonda-rhimes-tells-her-story-at-ted2016/

Shonda Rhimes is a screenwriter/producer/showrunner from Chicago, Illinois, as well as the head of her television production company Shondaland. I’ve read her book, watched her TED talk, and I watch three of the four of her currently airing TV shows. I find her so inspiring because she’s overcome a lot as a woman in the television industry, which is a career that I’ve definitely been thinking about going into in the future.

Amy Poehler

Source: http://www.likeabossgirls.com/amy-poehler/

Amy Poehler is an actress, writer, and comedienne I highly look up to because she is so great at what she does, she has a lot of really great advice (especially with her #AskAmy YouTube segment), and she’s just simply very influential to me. She co-founded Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls as a way for women to feel stronger and more confident through photos and videos on social media sites such as Instagram and YouTube.

Leslie Knope

Source: http://screencapped.net

Last, but not least, is the character Leslie Knope from the television show Parks and Recreation. Although she was played by Amy Poehler, she is inspirational for another whole set of reasons. Leslie Knope is a very positive, optimistic, and determined government worker in the parks and recreation department in the fictional Pawnee, Indiana. She’s someone who doesn’t let anyone get in her way, no matter what, and she always wants to do the absolute best for the people in her hometown. She actually even sparked my interest to possibly go into a career involving political science/politics because activism is something I do not want to shy away from and I think that I could really help make a difference one day, whether it’s for the world or in a small town like Pawnee, Indiana.

A picture representing a dream of mine:

Source: http://unisci24.com/311962.html

When I did this project last year, the first thing that came up in my mind was my dreams about what I want to do career-wise in the future. Now that it’s been a year later, my thoughts have changed a little bit. Then, I was dead-set on being a writer/director/creator for television. Now that I’ve thought more about what I want to do, it’s changed. Now I’m also thinking about short and independent films, Broadway (maybe write both scripts and music), as well as just acting in general. Also, while rewatching Parks and Recreation, seeing all kinds of activism in the news and on social media, keeping up with the 2016 election season, and realizing my dad did graduate as a political science major, I’ve also thought about going into politics. So, my picture is a person with a question mark, because I really don’t quite know what the future holds for me yet.

Three pictures that I think represent American life:

Source: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Tourism-g60763-New_York_City_New_York-Vacations.html

New York City

This applies to pretty much all cities, not just NYC. Although I personally hope to live in New York City or the city of Chicago in the future, many American cities have at least this one similar quality: they are full of opportunity. One main reason people have come and still come to the U.S. is because it’s full of so much hope and opportunity for the future.

Source: http://quotesgram.com/birds-in-flight-quotes/


I know that this is the U.S. and I could have used the American flag to represent freedom, but the flag can represent a lot of different American qualities. Hence, I decided to use a picture of a bird in flight since it’s quite often a huge symbol for freedom and being free.

Another reason why so many come to the U.S. is because it’s often seen as the epitome of freedom. Although there isn’t quite complete freedom for every single person in the U.S. (that’s a whole other topic), people see America as a place where they can truly experience freedom, especially because, unfortunately for innocent people in oppressive countries, we are DEFINITELY way more free and independent than other places in the world.

Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twinkie_defense

And lastly…

A Twinkie

This was kind of my one “funny” picture representing American culture. One huge American stereotype (which is more true than false) is the fact that we often overindulge unhealthy snacks.

Also, if you recall, back in 2012–2013, there was that whole national uproar over the brief, roughly-seven-month-long discontinuation of twinkles (and other Hostess products) due to Hostess’ bankruptcy. I think that perfectly illustrates American culture because it was a piece of news that really spread across the country. Fast. There are other instances of similar situations, but if anything is super American, it would be this.

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