What I Learn as a Communication Student

Universe put me in the right place. I feel blessed to be a communication student.

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This is my first story about communication major. Maybe some of you outside this major still trying figure out what we are doing as a communication student. I did the same at 2014. 2014 is the year that I have graduated from senior high school and have to choose my next path. I will tell my journey until I finally being a communication student. But in my first story, I want to tell you the overview about this major.

Communication is a simple thing, but it’s not that simple.

Communication is really a simple thing. It’s a process to send the message from communicator to communicant and it has objective to have “commonness”. “Commonness” means mutual understanding. To raise “commonness”, it needs process. The process is not too complicated, but it’s not easy.

In communication major, I have learned a lot of things. It builds me to be an open-minded person. This major taught me not only skills or knowledge, but it gives me life learning and philosophy. Maybe it sounds too much and not all of the communications students feel the same. But from my perspective, I really passionate about this major and I gain much from what I asked.

As a communication student in the first year, we learned about theories. Maybe some of you have a perspective that theory is not important. But for me, it is really important because it gives you a tool to see the reality. A theory such a frame to see reality and sometimes, it can be wrong but we can always develop it.

Communication major is not only about theories, we also practice much more than theories. We have to improve our presentation skill as well as our public speaking. We also improve our skill at writing. My exciting experience about writing, in my first semester, is to submit my article to the media and it was my final assignment. And after trial and errors, finally once in my lifetime, my article published at national online media. It maybe looks nothing, but it is really a good process in my life.

In communication major, we learn many subjects. The subjects were about journalistic, broadcasting, marketing, advertising, and public relations. Actually, all of the subjects are only tools to communicate with our audience. In journalistic, we communicate information through news and in marketing, we communicate product message through ads, etc.

Communication major also taught you about life.

Maybe it sounds ridiculous, but I really mean it. In this major, I learn many things that society does not teach me before. One of life lessons that I really mean it until now is about tolerance. My lecturer ever said, “Don’t make others looks like heathen just because of your faith not same with them.” For me, it’s really true. We are all different. And the differences aren’t bad at all. And we also have to respect others perspective as much as we want to be respected. This value becomes my philosophy of life. Everybody has their own perspective, their faith, but they are still human like us that need to be respected.

Okay, at my first story maybe you realize there are many grammatical errors or my story flow is not interesting enough to read. I am still learning and I am very open to any advice. In the next story, I will tell you many things about what I have got as a communication student. We will discuss much more about Public Relations, Ads, Marketing or even we can discuss feminism and gender equality. 
Thank you for reading!