Cancer Survior Encourages Students to Volunteer at Radiothon, Benefiting the Hospital that Saved Her Life.

“If I ever get diagnosed with cancer I want to go to St. Jude.”

A few short years later, Sam’s family’s worst nightmare came true when at the age of fourteen, she was diagnosed with pediatric cancer.

Samantha Skowron, 18, outside of St. Jude’s hospital in Memphis, Tennesee for her annual check-up in 2017.

You guys are angels and I could cry. You don’t know how much this means to me!

Kent State University students, Grace Roth(left) and Lea Bilic, after their shift volunteering for this years Radiothon in Cleveland, OH.
Kent State Fashion Student, Annelise Horning , and close friend of Samantha Skowron is posing for a picture at the end of her shift at this years Radiothon.

“The money you donate goes directly to the children. I never had to pay for a flight, I didn’t have to pay for a hotel, I didn’t have to pay for food, treatment, nothing.”

Radiothon is one of many volunteer events that raises money for pediatric cancer research. Last year alone, they nationally raised over half a million dollars and this year the goal is even higher. The local event in Cleveland, OH happens on the country radio station, WGAR 98.5, where kids and families like Sam, share their cancer stories on air. Listeners are then encouraged to call the hotline and become a Partner in Hope and give a monthly or one-time donation to the organization. Last year they raised $175,00 and this year their goal is to beat that and raise over $200,000.

Long time volunteers, Shirly Krcmar (left) and Verna Pladge enjoy themselves while volunteering at this years Radiothon in Cleveland, OH.
Volunteers Marianne Toma (left) and Christine Ryland, work the phone lines during this years Radiothon.
Lia Hones, Director Representative for St. Jude, is all smiles while talking about this amazing cause, during this years Radiothon.




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Ellis Fritz

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