When Your Older Sister Gets Married

You’d start to value your weekend trips to the cinema

…and that salon appointments that you both desperately need to have

…and to that sushi restaurant by the end of the day.

Well you can have the exact same routine with any of your girlfriends — the movie, the sushi, and the salon — but it just wouldn’t feel the same. You’ve tried it once before.

You didn’t even cry on their wedding, your mom on the other hand was the complete opposite.

You’d start to wonder why…

For instance —

did she even had time to think things through?

The week after their wedding, you’d start to cleared up your things that you’d always accidentally left in her room because you can’t have him going through your things when they both came over.

And as soon as your things left her room, it felt like as if you’ve moved out of her life — were you being left out? Was it for good? She was your wingman and now you have to fly the ship on your own.

You can easily count on how much time she visited your house now — guess she’d rather be with her new man on weekdays.

And you can’t even talk to her alone when she’s around because he’s always there, or that she’s always seem tired after having the mandatory small talks with your parents.

So all the late night chit chats, that usually end with you falling asleep in her room are now out of the picture. You’ve always liked that nights.

You’d start to curl up inside your blanket, pretending to watch some netflix while promising yourself you wouldn’t eavesdrop the awkward conversation downstairs — crap, are they going to be having this every time she visits?

It’s not that you hate him — he’s never even raise his voice on her, and he’s been nothing but nice to you and your parents

It’s not that she is suddenly ignoring your calls

It’s not that you think they are not made for each other

It’s not that she stops being your sister, and that you’ll always be her spoiled little sister

And it’s definitely not that you’re not happy for her, since you’d like to think you’re not that selfish.

It’s just that you’d start to wonder why people always speak of marriage as the union of two souls, and forget to mention the part where it could ache your heart so very deeply.

You’ve always wanted to have an older brother, but never in the thought of having to start losing your sister.