Why Phoenix Framework is great for building realtime backends for mobile apps

Basic useful feature list:

  • Fast Response Time : Speed is usually top of the requirement for apps and when tallking about native apps you want people to do what they want to to on the go.
  • Fault Tolerant : If you have millions of users, you want all of them to have a great user experience.
  • Concurrent : From the technology stand point everyboy wants concurrency, and with Elixir/Phoenix you get to spawn thousands and millions of processes and the speed you get in doing things the same time than doing it one at a time gives your app an even insane speed.
  • Scalable : You want your backend not to ever die. You want your app to scale and your team to scale as well because of the community that is passionate about the Phoenix framework.
  • Maintainable : It’s easy to maintain, having hot-code reloading allows you to deploy without disturbing the users experience. The expressive nature of the code also makes it easy to maintain even as your code base grows.

So Phoenix contains features neccessary for handling the requirements for world-class mobile application.