Look, I respect that “personal responsibility” has to be a part of this whole conversation, and…
Derek Robinson

She accepted a job at $20k/year, then signed a lease on an apartment she couldn’t afford, and now is blaming her company for her predicament.

She’s been an adult for 7 years, and hasn’t acquired any work experience in that time. If she needs to take an entry-level position at a traditionally low-paying job, she may need to accept the stark reality that she can’t currently afford to live in one of the most expensive housing markets in the country.

At least, not unless she’s willing to consider one of the many options that are apparently beneath her:

  • Get a roommate
  • Live with family
  • Apply for better jobs
  • Acquire skills that are high in demand and short in supply (sorry, tweeting doesn’t qualify)
  • Live in a more affordable neighborhood/city/state

While it would be charitable for Yelp to pay her more, the truth is they don’t need to. There are many other twenty-somethings without experience or marketable skills who will take the job, because for some unknown reason, they think life outside of the SF Bay Area is no life at all.

She could have used the platform to ask for advice, or a better job offer, or even a roommate. Instead, she just wants people to send money to her PayPal account so she doesn’t have to degrade herself by acting like a responsible adult.

Who knows, maybe she’s onto something. I could move to a Malibu beach house or Manhattan high rise and then publicly shame my employer because I can’t afford to live.

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