12 VC Funds and Accelerators Every SaaS Entrepreneur Should Know

by Etienne Garbugli
(Author of
Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want)

Although there are fewer investors and accelerators available to B2B entrepreneurs than B2C founders, there are a lot of ways for ambitious entrepreneurs to take a business to the next level.

To help B2B founders understand their options, I created a list of the leading B2B venture capital firms and accelerators:


Accel Partners: VC firm investing in early-stage B2B startups, Accel Partners has one of the most impressive portfolio out there. Companies like Dropbox, Slack, Atlassian, Braintree and Cloudera were all backed by this firm.

Bessemer Venture Partners: Creators of the Top 10 Laws of Cloud Computing and SaaS, Bessemer Ventures is one of the most respected VC firm. When Bessemer decides to invest, other firms typically follow.

Emergence Capital: One of the oldest enterprise-focused VC firms in the US, Emergence Capital made its first investment in Salesforce.com. They’ve since invested in Success Factors, Yammer, Veeva and Box.

In-Q-Tel: In-Q-Tel is the CIA’s investment arm. Over the last few years, it has become the stamp of approval for technologies secure enough for government agencies. It’s never a bad idea to get In-Q-Tel to invest.

Matrix Partners: VC firm affiliated with SaaS economics expert David Skok who creates the annual SaaS survey (with over 300 startups). Matrix Partners invested in Zendesk and Boston-based startup Hubspot.

Scale Venture Partners: Recommended by many B2B entrepreneurs, Scale VP has an impressive portfolio ranging from Hubspot to Box and Exact Target.


Acceleprise: With physical accelerators both on the East Coast (Washington, DC) and the West Coast (San Francisco), Acceleprise has one of the most complete accelerator programs out there.

Alchemist: Dedicated to enterprise startups, Alchemist has one of the best training programs and an extremely high caliber network of mentors.

L-Spark: Canadian enterprise SaaS accelerator that managed to quickly gain a lot of attention, L-Spark’s goal is to help enterprise SaaS and cloud startups secure Series A investment.

Startup Wise Guys: Leading B2B Startup Accelerator in Europe located in Tallinn, Estonia. Startup Wise Guys connects innovative startups from around the world to experts and investors from Europe and the US.

Venturetec: With a focus on Asiapac, its own B2B framework and a network of corporate executives to help validate product-market fit, Venturetec is a leader in the Asian enterprise SaaS market (Disclaimer: I’m a board member of Venturetec).

Y Combinator: Although not exclusively focused on B2B, Y Combinator is the largest accelerator (B2B and B2C combined). Stripe, Optimizely, Dropbox, Xobni, Docker and Mixpanel are just a few of the startups that graduated from their program.

How about you? What VC firms, incubators or accelerators would you recommend to B2B entrepreneurs?

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