The Hidden Mysteries of Odu Ifa Part 4

by: Awo Falokun | Egbe Iwa-Pele

Article Creative by: Mark Anthony Design

In previous blogs I have made the point that I believe human history is much older than the time line promoted by academia. I also believe the ancients had an extremely sophisticated science that is more sophisticated that the science currently taught in schools. I believe this science is both coded into ancient religious texts including Odu Ifa and is coded into the structure of the Pyramids at Giza. The construction of the structures at Giza in Egypt is a representation of the ability to the ancients to use their understanding of the world to entire stone structures that were constructed to function as machines.

One of the most definitive books based on the idea that the Pyramids at Giza was written by an engineer named Christopher Dunn. According to Dunn the Pyramids at Giza were constructed with power tools used to create straight edges, symmetry, and a narrow tolerance between the stone that would only be necessary if the Pyramids were constructed for some mechanical function. This begs the question how does the machine work and what was it used for. Dunn makes a compelling argument that the structures at Giza are the components of a power plant accessing energy that flows through the earth.

According to Dunn’s hypothesis hydrated zinc chloride and dilute hydrochloric acid flowed into the Queens Chamber from the long shafts that academics call air shafts. He believes these chemicals were stored in the chamber under the pyramid and pumped to the top of the shafts where they flowed downward by the simple force of gravity. This mixture created hydrogen gas at the bottom of the grand gallery. The gas moved towards the Kings Chamber while the residual chemicals drained through a large whole clearly visible at the bottom of the west wall of the Gallery. The Hydrogen gas that flowed towards the King’s Chamber was stimulated by acoustic and electromagnetic piezoelectric energy that transform the gas into microwave energy. Dunn claims this was possible because the Pyramid was coupled acoustically with the Earth and resonated in harmony with the earth. He also claims this effect was enhanced by the quartz crystals in the granite used to make the Kings Chamber. Further credence is given to his argument when it was discovered that the entire Pyramid is elevated above the ground on pillars in the four corners of the structure which is mind boggling engineering accomplishment that allows the Pyramid to vibrate. Dunn also speculates that the niches in the Grand Gallery held what today are called Helmholtz resonators allowing the microwave energy to be tuned to specific frequencies.

The remarkable thing about his theory is that it is consistent with the ideas of Nicolas Tesla who used the same theoretical science to engineer a tower in Colorado that generated free electricity from the earth and was able to protect that electricity for miles without the aid of cables.

Dunn makes no effort to attribute a function to the machine qualities of the Pyramid. For that we will turn in the next blog to three books about the Giza complex written by Joseph P. Farrell.

Awo Falokun | Egbe Iwa-pele

*Posted by: Fasalewa Fagbemi Aworeni

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