Hi David. First off I wanted to thank you for spending your time and attention on me and my article…
Michael C Martocci

Here’s what people are going to remember from reading this:

“Honestly, there are many narrow-minded people such as yourself who would fall victim to the trap that is making those statements, so I don’t blame you for your cliche’ thought processing.”

“But that explanation is so far outside of your narrow-mindedness for you to ever consider, so I don’t blame you for failing to consider it.”

“On a side note, the vacation was an incredible experience, I’ll make sure to send you a post card next time.”

“You are a walking talking example of a miserable old man who wants to make excuses for other people, while shitting on those who want to make the most of their life and find fulfillment, because you probably didn’t find it in your own life (But I don’t want to make presumptions, so let me know if I’m off base).”

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