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Is it really over?

What is Distro Delves?

The anatomy of a coding video

Hello World

The first step is to decide what the video will be about and who the target audience will be.

Panda3D official docs
Always check the docs first!

The Linux Distro for Gaming

What’s Drauger OS?

Simple but powerful Linux distribution based on the latest Ubuntu LTS release.

Linux Mint 20 with Mate Desktop

What’s Linux Mint?

The Original Qt & KDE Linux Distro

Chakra Linux 2017 iso

What’s Chakra Linux?

The Community Enterprise Operating System!

CentOS 8 as of June 2020

What’s CentOS?

The “beginner-friendly” Gentoo-based Linux distro.

Sabayon Linux in June 2020

What’s Sabayon Linux?

Learn about Arch & Linux, and Operating Systems in general from using a certain Linux distro.

Arco Linux in June 2020

What’s Arco Linux?

Arco Linux is a rather odd Linux distribution in that, I couldn’t find an actual self-description or a traditional “about” section on the website.

The rapidly updated software repository and totally not a Linux distribution!

KDE neon 5.19.0

What’s KDE neon?

Nvidia drivers on Fedora Silverblue



@egee_irl on Twitter. Linux Aficionado & Open Sorcerer. I write articles on Medium and produce videos on YouTube. 🐺🧙

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