EGEM July Update

Jul 11 · 3 min read

Quarry Node bot updated

The bot was updated on June 24th to incorporate an updated node system. This system allows users to assign 20 nodes to one discord account. This means max at this time is 400k(10x tier 1 nodes and 10x tier 2 nodes) EGEM on one account. The transition also focused on better security in that now users are required to direct message the EGEM Master bot. The commands do not work in the bot channel anymore. One of my favorite updates is the Node profile page will now show the last TX the bot has sent you. Please check out the EGEM wiki for the new bot commands.

SafeTrade listing

We are happy to announce that EGEM was listed on 6–15–2019 to the SafeTrade Exchange( SafeTrade has some great support and will be another good place to trade EGEM.

SFRX Updates

SFRX is getting closer to the finish lines here in the last couple of months. We have had successful testing with a gpu miner and are currently looking at refining the code to have it stable for the test net. I would like to quote Sehidcan who has been working a lot with Osoese and Galimba lately on the development side.

“It is easy to create a new coin using another coin’s code base. SFRX is written from scratch, line by line, that’s why it is taking long. But I can tell you, there are only a few things that we need to complete for starting a public test net. most of the big parts are ready, chain is almost stable for daily use. Also keep in mind that, SFRX is not a one-chain-only coin, DeX part with btc interactions are one of the biggest effort areas.personally, I want to see it live right now, can’t wait but we are almost there.”

With the test net closing in we have been able to show one of the future benefits that SFRX will provide to the EGEM quarry nodes. Our node payments were able to get a node bonus on 6–25–2019 from early SFRX support. The bonus provided double payments for 48 hours. As we have mentioned in the future when coins list on the SFRX dex we plan to have portions of the listing fee distributed to node holders.

Check out the chart above you will notice that while the node bonus is active the rewards are doubled per day. Now I know what people might be thinking if they are doubled per day then where does the 274.38 EGEM and the 696.13 EGEM a month come from? Well during the month of June we had 8 days of double rewards thanks to SFRX early support. This allowed us to add 8 daily payments to both the Tier 1 nodes and the Geode nodes( tier 1 and tier 2). That is how we were able to increase the monthly EGEM by 26.3%. After Sapphire is launched, both Tier1 and Geode Nodes will continue to node bonus based on ICO listings and Geode node holders share in half the sapphire exchange fee bonus. The other half of the exchange fee bonus goes to super nodes which are yet to be released.

What to mine listed

What to mine listed Graviex as an exchange they accepted during the second week of June and EGEM was able to get approved to be added to the list of coins they monitor. Would like to note that Graviex has been the home of EGEM since we were added on 4–25–2018 and here in the last Month we have been a consistent top 3 coins on their daily market numbers.

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