EtherGem May Update

Website redesign

We recently updated our website with the assistance of @Tw1tters_. The website is integrated with the explorer and can pull quick data without leaving the site. The Quarrynode list has been revamped on the site. If you are new to the project please check out the about page and get to know a lot of the people that help make this coin a community based blockchain.

New Era

As of block 2,500,001 we have entered into Era 1. This means that the mining rewards and Dev rewards have been reduced. Mining rewards have dropped from 8 to 4 and Dev from 1 to .75 per block. Era 1 will be in effect until block 5,000,001 in which we will head into Era 2. During this update we have also stabilized the network and are averaging between 12 to 13 second block times.

Bot Rework

The plan is to release a new update for our discord node system that will allow both Discord and Telegram users to create an account. The update will provide a way to assign multiple nodes to one account, this will allow users with multiple accounts to consolidate all under one account. So far around 40% of the new bot is written. Right now the current working functions are reg/add/remove nodes, but only on telegram side. Every user will be able to direct message the bot with all commands and keep their information private in a direct message. Our goal is to increase privacy with information from the bot working in direct messages and to create full functionality from both Discord and Telegram. Once this update has been completed we will be working on getting the games back online for everyone.

Node payment Increased

Updated Node payments

Rewards were updated on 4–20–2019. In the anticipation of the ERA one update we increased the rewards for the Quarrynodes. This has roughly added 4.2% to the ROI for the nodes. As you can see below QN#1 has jumped up to 16.78% and QN#2 has moved to 23.27. Quarry nodes keep their rewards all the way to block 10,000,000(end of Era 3). With the reduced rewards from mining the Quarrynodes are a great way to keep the rewards going strong.

SFRX update

Update from Osoese as of 5–18–2019:

documentation / white paper teaser — each function is documented and explaining the methodology

Please keep in mind this is sapphire and not another chain and definitely not a copy as it custom from ground up. If you read the above and see checkpoint and think its related to the concept of using checkpoints to prevent forks in bitcoin — it is not — it is something that is part of the process of sapphire and calculated at each block by every node while making the chain. That because there are those that are of the mindset that checkpoints in bitcoin core products is not the proper way to keep Qt wallets from forking and don’t want those people to think this is that concept at all.

here is the previous page for reference

Transaction validator on each node that calls up from block 0 to current and processes these transaction hash histories independent of the other nodes and based on the blocks and the peers compare notes. Transaction aggregated balances are held in a tree structure for quick retrieval. Originally used the PMT (Patricia Merkle Tie from ETH) but deviated from that a little and now each address holds nonces similar to an eth address nonce. So the hashes have to match known info for lightning quick verification that things are correct and this is very similar to using the root node of the PMT, just a little personalized. The reason this is an issue is because if a node goes out of sync it has to know how to get back in sync and prove itself and with only 5 seconds between blocks this was difficult to code. On the last test run all the balances and calculations were complete and correct on all nodes that remained in sync and those that restarted were able to catch up and sync properly. There is one scenario that failed which was when a node realized he was out of sync and had to reorganize part of his chain — then that caused the aggregated balance to go haywire.

Recently released an updated video showing the mobile app in progress.

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