February Update

New Exchanges

  • Stex


  • FirstCryptoBank


  • Raisex(KYC)


  • Escodex


PirlGuard addition to EGEM

With the recent uprising of 51% attacks EGEM has implemented PirlGuard to help combat the attacks. We implemented PirlGuard shortly after it was released on 12–02–2018. A big shout out to the Pirl team for this update! Please check out this great article Pirl has on the subject https://pirl.io/en/blog/pirlguard-innovative-solution-against-51-attacks

EGEM Bot Updates

  • Commands have been turned on so you can directly interact with the bot in a private manner (PM — Private Message). Currently we are working on implementing all commands, but not everything has been setup for PM yet.
  • The option to set an email address for the upcoming node notification system is also available.
  • Full self service quarrynode setup. You can now use the /togglenodeone and /togglenodetwo to setup both tiers of the bot.

Quarrynode Updates

We have updated our Quarrynode payments at block 1,850,000. The tier 1 daily dispersed EGEM has gone from 400 to 600. The big increase, is our tier 2 nodes have doubled in their daily disbursement from 900 to 1800. Reference the picture below to see the difference in pay for current Quarrynode holders. You will notice a 4% increase in ROI for tier 1 and a 10% increase in ROI for tier 2. One of the biggest things I want people to note is that our Quarrynode system is setup in a way that it is not affected by the traditional POS method of nodes. Our node setup completely separates the users wallet and vps. This is a form of cold Masternodes. The system is setup to evenly distribute the 2400 EGEM a day between node owners. As mentioned above, 600 to QN1 and 1800 to QN2. We have this constantly monitored and setup to make sure proper payments are made.

updated rewards

As of 2–2–2019 Quarrynode Master List has been created (https://quarrystats.egem.io/help). This site was created to give a personalized node page for user to monitor their nodes. Currently the site has 33 custom avatars, name changes, and add child nodes for multiple node owners. The site will have constant updates with more features coming in the future. An important update to note is that we will be approaching ERA 1 on block 2,500,000. ERA 1 will reduce miner rewards from 8 EGEM to 4 EGEM, and node rewards will be the same until ERA 4 which starts at block 10,000,000. We are currently at block 2,060,040 as I am writing this update. That gives us around 439k blocks until ERA 1. Right now is prime time to get more nodes before the rewards reduction.

Custom Node page

EGEM Monsters

Once we’ve thoroughly tested the smart contracts, the plan is to release a couple thousand first gen monsters that will be able to reproduce on their own, just like CryptoKitties. A fraction of those will go to the team and the rest will be airdropped to the community! What’s interesting is that EGEM monsters have the ability to hold a gem on their bellies! Just like this teaser image. The gems are another token, yet much rarer. We are planning on having at least 100 million monster variations and at least 1 million gems. But those numbers may change and grow considerably. The final amount of monster variations will determine the cool downs for reproduction. The game will be running on the EtherGem blockchain and you’ll be able to trade/auction them for EGEM. We’ve been perfecting the graphics design and every day we discover new facial expressions and variations on the monsters! We currently have monsters with up to 10 different colors, a bunch of different legs, paws, eyes, ears… and we’re gonna have a lot of gem base designs to combine with the monsters! For more information check out the most recent update posted 2–6–2019 https://wiki.egem.io/xwiki/bin/view/Token%3A%20Egem%20Monsters/

EGEM Monster

Sapphire Update

First and foremost Sapphire is coming along great in testing and development.. Even with a couple of delays, we are still on time for that release time frame. The team had to work through an update that caused some issues with data not saving properly and required them to rework the database. This involved writing some of the select queries for order processing out of the database and some modification of the interaction functions for blocks, orders, and transactions that already existed. EGEM Sapphire will have a white paper with everything outlined and a separate update focusing primarily on Sapphire.

As for one of the latest update from Osoese on 1–25–2019, we are mapping the block order output to transactions. This means, placing an order on the SFRX chain through the wallet and that order gets mined in the next block. The result, is the chain properly matching buys and sells into the transaction that will post on the next block and transfer the funds. On 1–26–2017 Osoese got the delete process working smoothly. The last update we have, is that buying and selling is working properly. Team EGEM, would highly recommend people check out the updates we constantly have in our discord (https://discord.gg/2wtHFDk).

Homepage — https://egem.io/

Twitter — https://twitter.com/ETHERGEMCOIN

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[SFRX] Bitcointalk Ann — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5063954.0

Git — https://git.egem.io/team

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