The Latest on the App Landscape: October 21st, 2015

In this edition of Apps in the News on Back to the Future Day, we’ll be focusing on apps that make it easier for people to do their work, from creating reports to building websites.

Wordsmith: This new app by Automated Insights, which implements technology the Associated Press has been using since 2014, reads data uploaded by users and generates a readable report using a story structure that users have defined with branching paths that describe their input prior to uploading the data, creating content that drives “retention, engagement, and revenue”, according to the makers. CEO Robbie Allen claims that “Wordsmith can create a million stories targeted at each individual user and their preferences. It’s a story that is totally unique to each user because it is powered by their data.” The app is very versatile, with the capability to generate stories ranging from financial reports to product descriptions and bill statements.

Bentobox, Weebly, Padlet: These three tools make it easier for companies who want to build websites, with different focuses. As highlighted by TechCrunch, Bentobox is a new company that focuses on helping restaurant owners quickly build cheap but aesthetically pleasing websites that are “mobile first” and customized to the needs of their restaurant, with an impressive 100% retention rate among clients.

Weebly, an older website builder, has recently relaunched, rebranding its newest iteration as Carbon. With Carbon, users can use one of 40 partner apps to integrate other business needs such as shipping into its interface. Another special feature from Carbon is the new ability to build and fully edit a website from any mobile device.

Padlet, on the other hand, has focused on another segment of the market, emphasizing its functionality as a collaborative platform that can be used to create private websites, presentations, or group projects in classrooms. Company founder Nitesh Goel mentions even more unusual uses for his platform: “There’s a church using Padlet for the prayers they want to say for that day. There’s a police station using Padlet to manage cases.”

Howdy: Howdy, the Austin-based startup working for group messaging platform Slack, has developed a chat bot application that can be customized to run automated tasks for teams working on Slack. With $1.5 million in venture funding from Bloomberg Beta, True Ventures, Outlier, and various individual investors, it won’t be long before Howdy comes up with more ways to work with enterprise messaging services and streamline the system.

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