Nazi Satanist Cults Want Your Blood

Buckle up, guys. This is a weird one.

Further proof that our world is a horrific simulation came in mid-January, when 20-year-old Samuel Woodward was arrested for the murder of his former classmate Blaze Bernstein. Bernstein was stabbed to death and buried in a shallow grave in Orange County. He was gay and Jewish, and so the crime was immediately suspected to have had hateful motivations — a suspicion that was borne out when Woodward was revealed to be a part of Atomwaffen Division.

Atomwaffen has been in and out of the headlines over the past year. The rise of far-right terror has been noticed across the spectrum, but even by the standards of the alt-right and their neo-Nazi fellow travelers, they are extreme. Despite having less than a hundred members worldwide, Atomwaffen has been responsible for five killings in the past year. Devon Arthurs supposedly converted to Islam, pledged allegiance to ISIS, and murdered two of his former compatriots. Nicholas Giampa killed his girlfriend’s parents after they disapproved of her dating him. And now Woodward kills Bernstein, allegedly for coming onto him in a park.

Who are Atomwaffen Division? Why are they so violent? What seems to be yet another incarnation of American Nazism, alongside the Traditionalist Workers’ Party and Vanguard America, is actually something much stranger and more dangerous. Atomwaffen is a loose-knit organization with a decidedly apocalyptic bent. They take their cues from Siege, a newsletter put out in the mid-80s by Nazi James Mason, and the “helter skelter” ideology of Charles Manson. AWD believes in a coming race war, and they ceaselessly train and agitate towards that end. Much of their non-murderous activities involve putting up propaganda posters — not the sanitized “white rights” type beloved of most Nazis, but aggressive, brutal images, black and white, that recall mid-century fascist agitprop.

As you can see, they organize on Ironmarch, a fascist social network. This is pretty normal for the far-right, especially the most bloodthirsty types. They venerate Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik and, generally all types of violence; rather than talk in sanitized terms about an ethno-state, they revel in the upcoming genocide. So far, so normal for the alt-right; they’re just Nazis, albeit extremely violent ones.


Welllllllll… as they organize around Siege, AWD have always maintained a reading list. One book they’ve been pushing a lot is Iron Gates, which was written by Tempel ov Blood, an offshoot of the Order of Nine Angles. ToB/ONA is a British Satanic/occultist group, and their material is typical of such groups — a lot of portentous nonsense about the Left Hand Path and the creation of a New Being. However, they claim as one of their highest priorities:

[T]he infiltration and manipulation of organizations and forms with Sinister potential. Aryanism, particularly the more religiously fanatical forms of it, such as Christian Identity are a good example.

So that’s kind of weird. ToB members make videos showing themselves in black, holding weapons, being waterboarded and so on.

And now we see this picture of some AWD people protesting outside an ADL office a couple of years back:

That’s a little tenuous. But it gets worse. And weirder.

A while back there was a bizarre cult/extremist movement called the Rural People’s Party. Nate Thayer wrote a long and very good article about them. They were a pro-North Korean group who also loved Jim Jones (of People’s Temple fame). They were at least ostensibly left-wing, due to their devotion to North Korean socialism, but really they were just complete kooks who blended anti-Semitism and white supremacy with their worship of Kim Jong Il. They still have a website, though it looks to be defunct.

Here’s a member:

That photo is taken at the former People’s Temple building in LA. It’s believed, though unconfirmed, that this woman is the same as in the ADL photo above. She married a white power leader while involved in the RPP, and together they attempted to infiltrate a local Pentecostal community. They actually ended up making contact with North Korean intelligence, and he spent some time over there (presumably being groomed as an asset).

The North Koreans cut him off when he started writing articles about the coming race war (and proved himself to be insane). The RPP collapsed in infighting and the couple went on to become Hare Krishnas. They established a “New Bihar Mandi” temple, which worships Kali, the goddess of destruction.

This is from Tempel Ov Blood’s website, showing their current HQ:

Hm. And here’s a video from ToB:

Compare to the trailer that the RPP used as their “Central People’s Commune”:

There’s also the Hare Krishna connection; their music is playing during this ToB video:

I think it’s pretty clear that the RPP and ToB are, at their core, some of the same individuals. Are they related to AWD? It’s a little looser, but compare their propaganda:

One connection is through the group American Front. They were linked to the RPP through former RPP member James Porrazzo, who founded a group called New Resistance in 2011. Porrazzo recruited from American Front, and his girlfriend Emily Putney (convicted in 2010 of an anti-semitic hate crime) was also a member of the New Bihar Mandi temple. The American Front types were busted in Florida in 2012, arrested for stockpiling weapons and planning a massive race war; their leader, Marcus Faella, was represented by well-known alt-right lawyer Augustus Sol Invictus.

So what do we have? A loosely connected group of pro-North Korean, anti-Semitic white supremacists with a penchant for weaponry and visions of a Mansonesque race war. A bizarre cult whose standard MO seems to be infiltrating other movements, carrying their virulent racism with them and inspiring greater acts of self-destructive violence. Left, right, their politics are incoherent; the throughline is white supremacy and a constant push for more and greater acts of violent terrorism. Atomwaffen was, if not founded by these types, at least thoroughly coopted by them; their promotion of Iron Gates, their bizarre pro-North Korean propaganda, and their single-minded dedication to race war are all hallmarks of the RPP/ToB.

It should go without saying that these people are incredibly dangerous. They are not doughy self-promoters like Richard Spencer or pathetic grifters like Cernovich. They are completely nuts and very violent. Do not approach them. Do not attempt to reason with them. Do not engage with them at all. Fortunately, there are very few of them, and even their fellow travelers on the alt-right are starting to recognize that they’re bad news. Be on the lookout for AWD in the headlines in 2018, and stay safe.

EDIT: So, at the time of writing, the RPP-ToB link was pretty clear; these are the same guys. The link between them and AWD was more tenuous.

Well, that’s shot now.

Here’s an AWD member doing cross-promotion with the publisher of Iron Gates.

As a reminder, Iron Gates is published by ToB. The book is also promoted on the website for the group Universal Order, a group by and for readers of James Mason, which has numerous AWD people listed on its staff — including Vincent S. Snyder (almost certainly a pseudonym) who according to the ADL leads AWD. Snyder is apparently the vehicle by which the cult “infiltrated” AWD; he’s been selling the cult to AWD members who aren’t already members (according to discord logs).

Apparently this all came about after the Florida murders mentioned earlier (the convert to Islam). Brandon Russell, then leader of AWD, was convicted and sentenced to five years on explosives charges, opening up a leadership gap which Snyder filled.

Oh, and also AWD confirmed the connection on Gab (the far-right answer to Twitter).

So there’s that.

Some former members are leaving the group, after their nice normal nazi hate parade was interrupted by a bloodthirsty Satanic cult.

Yup, it looks like there’s a Satanic doomsday cult running around in the midst of the alt-right. Good job, guys.

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