Are entrepreneurs born or made?

In constant debate is a discussion about what makes an entrepreneur. Are they a special breed of people with the inbuilt abilities that give them an edge over everyone else? Have they been born into an entrepreneurial family and therefore are given the support and help they need to succeed? The truth is that these things can give you an edge, but certainly don’t guarantee that you will be a successful entrepreneur. Here are the three qualities I think are required to make it:

  1. Perseverance. When you start on your entreprenurial journey, people will often knock you, bring you down, say it’s a silly thing to do. You will also suffer setbacks, problems, seeminlg insuromountable odds. The real entrepreneur will be one who knows that perserverance gets you from A-B. It’s not talent. I love the quote “It takes 10 years to become an overnight success” — this is true.
  2. Overcoming your fear. Fear is a factor in which stops many people in their tracks. The fear of the inknown, the fear of not making it, the fear of failing or ridicule. To truly make it, you have to learn to conquer your fears. I myself have many fears, but have found that challenging these head on often lead to finding the path to moving forward. Often we find that we we conquer fear, it’s not as bad as we envisaged, as humans we tend to thing the worst
  3. Support. Early entrepreneurs are often making the mistake of believing they have to do everything. If it’s their product idea, they have to become a product manager, project manager, developer, tester, marketeer, salesperson and everything else. We are all unique and have special talents, but the entrepreneur is the one who understand his limitations and surrounds himself with others who are able to help. This is often where many an entrepreeur burns out, or makes critical mistakes that could easily be mitigated by soliciting the right help. Richard Branson said it perfectly, “Hire people more intelligent than yourself”

Today’s entrepreneurial landscape is a fantastic community where you can get the help and support you need to become what you dream.

Entrepreneurs can get a “leg up” with extra support, or special family situations, but make no doubt about it, you can learn and with the right mentality, you can do as far as you want.

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