Tools for monetizing your Instagram

As we know social media has a big impact on marketing for big and small companies. These days so many companies invest in their social media marketing strategies since people spend hours every day on the social media platforms compare to newspaper and magazine!

Instagram as one most popular social media platform that is also the most engaging social media in recent years, has been a great place for companies to market their product visually. There are a few tools that you need to know as an influencer to make more money or even start to monetize your Instagram account.

Social Tradia

Social Tradia platform provides a great service to buy and sell Instagram accounts between buyers and sellers. They work as a man in the middle that makes this platform stunning for safe and easy transactions between users.
If you do not have an Instagram account, you can get yours from Social Tradia in the different niche such as Travel, Fashion, Food and etc. If you are interested in type of business that you can start on Social media you can click here for more information.

Social Blade

A great platform to track your Instagram growth daily, monthly and even yearly. Social blade displays the information such as gained and lost followers which can help you to monitor and analyze your Instagram account.

Hashtag Paid

After developing a great Instagram account it’s time to monetize your account by getting shout outs from different companies as an influencer! You do not need to look for them, they look for you! Hashtag paid provides you with an awesome platform for influencers and companies to find the right person in order to advertise their product or services on their social media. It’s free to register your Instagram account there. however, they charge you a percentage once you close a deal on their platform.