Fresh Meat

I remembered this from a story I read- it was one about demons and monsters who kept calling a particularly skilled human ‘Fresh Meat’- and for some reason, it felt apt.

For some other maybe related reason (we never really know, do we), I kept losing my Wordpress login details. After several tries and new sites, I gave up on it altogether and decided to explore a whole new world, as it were.

More often than not, I get ideas, glimpses, and I itch to write, but everyone knows that the best pieces are born of the self (this, of course, is not to say I am a writer. More a …scribbler). That said, it stands to reason that when the self isn’t exactly stellar, are we not to fear what could be birthed? Scary stuff, scary stuff.

Aborted attempts aside, this is an attempt to follow the advise of, well you-know-who: I’ll just do it!

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