I hide in plain sight

These words have been inspiring me, why? There is a lot places for people to keep their secret or something they wont other people knows. For example, i have a strategic plan to reach something big in my life, and then i don’t want the others steal it or in another words i don’t want the others has done it before me, I prefer to keep it in plain sight.

Because i believe the more you the things deeper, the more chance it can be explored widely opened. …

Basically our life is happy, let’s look back at the way how we see things.

Four months ago, my life became more interesting than before, after meeting with a figure of friends, teachers, brothers, business associates, and friends who share a broad perspective on something. From the little things until the complex and heavy issues.

This is not about me.

It’s just simply my first article in the Medium, with all sincerity and humility let me share with you about some experiences and some ways to look at things from a different angle compositions from the most common to see…

Egi Purwana

don't follow me, because i'm going offroad

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