Personal Injury Attorneys Team up with Local Coalition to Fight Against Bullying

Goldstein and Bashner is a Long Island personal injury law firm that provides personalized attention and dedication to each and every client. Their attorneys have been working with personal injury victims in the Long Island area for more than 25 years.

Partners Neal Goldstein and Robert Bashner work personally on every case. They know firsthand how overwhelming it can be to suffer an injury and then try to navigate your way through the legal system. They are dedicated to helping you receive the full compensation you deserve, and are passionate about helping you make a full recovery after an accident.

However, Goldstein and Bashner are not just personal injury attorneys. They are community advocates as well. Their firm advocates against bullying and provides specialized legal services to all victims of bullying, whether it be physical, mental, or cyberbullying. Even if you don’t have a legal case, Goldstein and Bashner can provide legal advice on how to help curb the harassment or collect evidence for a future legal action if it doesn’t end.

Additionally, their overview and 8-point checklist found on their website provides steps that can help prevent or put a stop to bullying. Goldstein and Bashner understands that LGBT students, transgender students especially, face a higher rate of depression and suicide, and every effort should be made to ensure these students feel comfortable and safe going to school. They provides free consultations if you or a family member are experiencing severe bullying.

Goldstein and Bashner are so dedicated to advocating for their clients that they openly sponsor The Long Island Coalition Against Bullying. The LICAB provides the community with a variety of programs and services including Smile Packages, a Youth Leadership Program, subsidized therapy, and more.

Working tirelessly towards preventing and eliminating bullying is something that these attorneys are passionate about. If you or a family member are experiencing severe bullying contact the attorneys at Goldstein and Bashner today. They provide free, no obligation consultations and advice on how to put an end to the trauma caused by bullying.

To learn more about all of their anti-bullying efforts, please visit:

To get involved and become a part of this effort join the Long Island Coalition Against Bullying today at

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