Announcing the launch of our new website —

Hello community,

We hope you are having a great and productive summer!

Here at egld. gg, we’ve had an action-packed summer filled with exciting initiatives that we are preparing for you. In the last couple of months, a lot has happened. Hundreds of projects reached out to us for potential collaboration opportunities. Out of 2,400 applicants, we recruited and onboarded 37 Genesis Members and operationalized a private Discord server. To top it off, we established strategic partnerships with 4 of the best projects across the Elrond ecosystem. And this is just the beginning!

As we move forward with’s development today marks another significant milestone — the launch of our updated website.

The newly released version provides information and transparency on all projects, games and initiatives supported by We hope to engage the wider community and keep you informed on what lies ahead.

We are also officially accepting applications for projects to pitch and submit their ideas to get the chance to work together with

Lastly, at the beginning of September, we will recruit the next batch of members. Due to the overwhelming interest and support from the community and the number of projects we are working on, we will pull forward onboarding the next batch of applicants. So, stay tuned and make sure not to miss our updates.

Stay tuned!

The team

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