Hello, World!

My name is Egle and although this is my first blog post, it is not the first step in my journey to web development. My journey started a couple years ago. I was 24, already with Masters in Pharmaceuticals, managing a pharmacy in Vilnius, Lithuania. I knew I wanted to do something different, something more. I discovered a world of web development but I didn’t have enough time to experience it with my current workload.

After about half a year my husband got a job offer in Dhaka, Bangladesh! It took us a few days to make up our minds and when we did, I quit my job, moved to Bangladesh and decided to use my free time to follow my passion for web development (and I was able to cross out exploring South East Asia of my bucket list as well!). With so many online resources it wasn’t easy to find the right track, I followed a few different online courses on coursera.org, then I found an awesome freecodecamp.com which made me completely sure I want to do this for my future career. I already had my eyes set on Viking Code School’s Immersive program, which I wasn’t able to do while living abroad. Once we decided to move to the United States I immediately applied and got accepted. My cohort starts on 27th of March!

I have always been a very logical person, Math was my favorite subject at school, so when I started to learn programming I quickly understood that I want to be able to to do it every day. The ability to take on challenging problems and find ways to solve them was really rewarding and made me want to continue learning. I started with Python which I think was great for the first programming language and taste of programming in general. Freecodecamp curriculum took me the Front End Developer’s path. I got to know HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery etc. I learned some Ruby on my own and really loved it. Viking Code School’s Immersive program will focus on Full Stack Javascript and I can’t wait to take it on! 5 weeks left to finish up the prep work and dive deeper than ever before.