Stability, flexibility, pay, and other considerations

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Client acquisition is on every freelancer’s mind. Try to find a freelancer who’s not looking for more work, regardless of how much they have on their plate.

Many freelancers, however, look for clients in the wrong places. Job boards, content mills, freelance marketplaces have plenty to offer, but it’s more challenging to compete with hundreds of other professionals and low rates. Eventually, you waste more time and energy trying to land a client than actually working and earning a decent income.

If you asked the highest-earning freelancers, most of them would agree that the best clients don’t hang out on…

Why is it essential to prioritize content?

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Written content is important to position high on search engine pages, generate leads, and engage with your audience. The importance of content will only grow, according to a HubSpot report, 24% of marketers plan to increase their content marketing efforts because it’s the leading source of organic leads.

However, it’s challenging to achieve the desired results without a dedicated writer. Content writers, bloggers, copywriters help brands shape their message and create relevant and informative content. The tricky part is to choose a writer who can deliver captivating content and help your brand grow.

Why is content writing important?

Whether a B2B or B2C company, content…

How to navigate your mental health working remotely?

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With more people working from home, it’s important to shed some light on remote workers’ mental health issues.

As the pandemic sent more people to work from home, it might seem that it’s a great way to relax, save money and time. But social isolation and a lack of work-life balance can have harmful effects on your mental health.

Regardless of the global situation, remote workers and freelancers are more prone to developing loneliness and similar mental health issues than their in-house colleagues.

I’m a freelancer, and for the past year and a half, I’ve been working remotely. I’m an…

Freelancers, replace self-doubt with an action plan

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How does the current economic situation make you feel?

The current freelance market is dynamic. According to Payoneer data, 32% of freelancers admit that the demand for their work decreased, while most say it stayed the same or even grew.

It’s still early to predict how the freelance sector will change in the upcoming years. Regardless of the economic situation, freelancing has always been a rollercoaster. But when you learn to ride it and stabilize your income, freelancing can be prosperous and liberating. However, for some people, the low season might trigger imposter syndrome.

What is imposter syndrome?

People who suffer from imposter syndrome…

Why is budgeting crucial to earning more?

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Let’s talk about budgeting! But first, think about your budgeting habits. Do you feel financially secure at the end of the month, or do you just make ends meet?

A lot of people come to Medium searching for tips on how to earn six figures writing. Many of them struggle with money, but not because they don’t make enough (which can also be the case), but because people don’t know how to deal with money.

Freelance writing is a dynamic field that requires you to adjust to make money. Earning six figures can be your goal, but it isn’t easy…

It’s the arsenic to an introvert’s creativity—and other issues with the physical office.

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In the past few months, thousands of people lost jobs, and many more were sent to work from home.

The number of freelance job openings grew by 25% in the first months of the pandemic. People that have worked their whole lives at the office got to taste a remote work lifestyle.

Many were excited to spend more time at home, connect with their families, and avoid commuting and office fatigue. Regardless of the benefits of working remotely, people missed offices.

According to Gensler, 70% of the U.S. workforce wants to get back to the workplace.

I wondered who were…

And become more loving to yourself

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We all have a small voice inside our heads that stops and helps us think things through. It protects us from reckless decisions and mistakes. But too often, that voice grows to become an inner critic. You can call it sanity, but the line between a well-thought decision making and criticism is thin.

The voice inside my head is a full-grown inner critic who evaluates every decision I make, every thought or idea that comes to my head. My writing is not an exception, the opposite — my work is the most susceptible to my inner critic’s judgment.

The critic…

It’s time to get out of your PJs

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Since the lockdown started in March, I’ve been working from home. I tried going to the local library, but it had too many regulations, so I chose to work from home. But each day, I notice that I’m becoming more and more antisocial.

I know I’m not the only one because freelancers tend to prefer their own company. We usually choose silence and peace of our own home, which might lead to loneliness. One day working from home turns into a week, and a week turns into months.

I’ve recently moved to a new city, and I don’t know anyone…

There’s no formula on how many words a writer should write a day

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I keep seeing more articles criticizing toxic productivity, which made me think of how it affects my life and work. I wrote about productivity before, but this time I’m interested in seeing its negative side.

I love finding new productivity tools, optimizing my time, and keeping a nice pace. But I’ve noticed that it’s not enough in today’s world, especially if you’re a writer.

I keep stumbling upon articles that have a formula on how to produce more words a day. They explain that writers should push their limits and each day reach X amount of words and break new…

And how many niches are too many?

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Most new writers take on every opportunity that comes their way. The competition is fierce, and you have to be grateful to earn a living wage.

I was in the same position, I used to write for tech companies, manufacturing businesses, jewelry stores, and music production house. I wrote everything from white papers to social media posts.

Now, as I finally settled down, I rarely do work out of my niche, but I kept a few options open. My two main topics are femtech and freelancing, and sometimes I also write content for SaaS companies. …

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