Introducing SplitCloud — The double music player for iOS

Hi there,

The new and improved SplitCloud has been recently released on the AppStore, this is an introduction to the app’s main features and functionalities.

If you’ve ever been asked to share headphones with a friend or partner to listen to music together this app is for you!

What is it?

SplitCloud is a double music player for iOS that can play both local tracks and music from the SoundCloud streaming platform.

You can download the app for free on the AppStore

Why would you use it?

There are already many apps to enjoy music on your iPhone, so what makes SplitCloud special?

The main difference between SplitCloud and any other music streaming app on the AppStore is that it allows you to add second player and have two independent players usable at the same time on the same device.

This makes SplitCloud really useful in all those situations where you end up needing to share your headphones to listen to music, maybe during a trip, when your friend’s phone battery runs out or when your partner forgets headphones. You’ll be able to share your device and keep listening to your favourite songs, quite handy if you have different music taste 😀

This is how the playback screen looks like in Split-Mode
This is the single player interface for everyday use

How does it work?

sometimes a video is worth a thousand words 😀

On first launch the app will present the player controls screen, divided vertically into two players as Split Mode is initially active.

Each Player features standard playback controls, you can play/pause and skip to the next/previous track in your current playback queue.

To start listening tap the on the 🔍 icon, this will load the music browse screen where you can see the main sections of the app.

You can now pick music from Popular and Trending charts or find a playlist in the Discover section.

You can also search for any song or artist or user profile by using the search bar on the top of the screen.

Tap on any song to start playing. To save some tracks to your favorite track list tap on the icon on a song listed.

You can also add to your favourites the current song playing by tapping on the song artwork from the main player screen.

The other player can now be used in the same way to listen to a different track on the other headphone channel.

To listen to your music as a regular player switch to single player mode by tapping the left or right label in the playback mode bar.

Explore Popular and Trending charts
Discover new music with playlists for various moods

Get The App

To give SplitCloud a try for free, get it now from the AppStore:

And if you enjoy using it, please leave a positive review !

For future news and updates follow SplitCloud on:

Check out the website at

and the ProductHunt page




Hi! I’m a Software Developer currently living in New York. I ❤️ Javascript. I’m interested in web apps, mobile apps, functional programming, IoT & serverless.

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Giulio Dellorbo

Giulio Dellorbo

Hi! I’m a Software Developer currently living in New York. I ❤️ Javascript. I’m interested in web apps, mobile apps, functional programming, IoT & serverless.

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