Egon Elbre
Nov 27, 2018 · 1 min read

Yeah, considered that problem while writing it.

The segmented approach seemed to be more problematic, since each example uses multiple of these psychological effects. This either means that the examples would become harder to understand and duplicated. Duplicated problems also means that the text would grow few times longer. Similarly, the psychological ideas themselves don’t properly connect together, and remedying that problem would make it even longer.

Splitting into two different articles would be also a possibility, however that would be harder to navigate and see what the whole point of explaining the psychology part.

As for the memorizing the concepts, yeah, I’m aware of the amount of effort and learning it requires people to do. That’s also why there’s a recommendation to take a break after learning them.

Effectively I made a decision between:

1. break the wholeness of concept,
2. write a 2–4x longer piece, which itself might make it more difficult to understand,
3. require reader to put in more effort.

All in all, 3. seemed best approach for me.

Egon Elbre

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