When Bitcoin will stop growing: tokens are the real alternative to coins


Bitcoin hype seems to be with us forever. But it is hard to think that it is for real: there are no really eternal things. So this is the time to think about Bitcoin alternatives — which cryptocurrency can be the viable alternative. The good answer is the time machine — you can just go to the past and buy some bitcoins for cheap. Why not? Only 5 years ago the bitcoin was worth almost nothing.

Unfortunately, time machine is the science fiction. We can’t just push the button and go to the past. Some of us were much more insightful than others. For example, Winklevoss twins bought the bitcoins for $11 million (the rate was $120 for the coin) and now they are the first Bitcoin billionaires in the world. And not only Winklevoss — some other persons had bought Bitcoins for almost nothing a couple of years ago.

Today many investors and common people are interested in Bitcoin rate. For the last 6 months it skyrocketed by more than 8 times. This growth has a strong influence on other cryptocurrencies rate. Altcoins simply can’t grow because of bitcoin. Here you can compare the bitcoin rates for the last 6 months and several altcoins rates. Potential investors are not interested in altcoins and invest more and more money in bitcoin.

But the total volume of cryptocurrencies market is relatively low in comparison with the whole financial global market. In this, Bitcoin investments are pretty dangerous. You can’t ignore cautions about Bitcoin market. Yes, now it looks like the bubble and its further growth seems to be the financial pyramid. You can invest in this bubble further but it is dangerous and scary.

Tokens are the viable alternative of coins

Tokens are the smart-contracts issued by different companies. ICO is the main tool for the startup to raise the funds to realize its main initiatives. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, tokens are backed by some real assets and not just by speculative interests.

It should be noted that some companies, which have finished their ICOs, now became so-called “unicorns”. It means that they have billions of dollars due to their tokens growth.

For example, such companies are the OmiseGO (OMG) and Qtum. Since the ICO start OMG tokens grew from $0.27 to $11. It means that the rate has risen up more than 40 times. This means that OMG company is unicorn now — they have more than 1 billion on their accounts. The company provides financial services to its clients. One of these services is Ethereum-based open public technology which can be used with common digital wallets. It allows to combine currency exchanges and payment services which are situated in different countries and storages in real-time mode.

Qtum tokens rate has grown up from $0.30 to $17 and this company also became a unicorn. It brings services which allow to combine the bitcoin protocol with Ethereum technology. The project with open-source code integrates Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) with Bitcoin Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO). It will provide smart contracts for the companies from all over the world.

There are several other tokens which rate has risen up numerous times.


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