Who Are We?

By:Emily Gordon

Part 1: My Life in 100 Words

A perfect 10.0. No one is ever perfect. Not Nadia Comaneci, not Mary Lou Retton, and certainly not me.

I was a serious gymnast for 10 years of my life and retired this past year. The question everyone asks is, “Why?” To that, I have no exact answer and probably never will. I wasn’t injured, I didn’t peak. I was just… done. Done with pain, judges, and hours upon hours of working towards unattainable perfection.

I’ve since taken up volleyball and color guard. Join me in my clumsy transition from striving for perfection to anything but.


Part 2: Graphing My Life

Part 3: Music that Moves Me

One Call Away by Charlie Puth reminds me of many happy moments in my life. It brings up memories of belting in the car with my friends, the eighth grade dance, and choreography we learned in color guard.

One Call Away

Part 4: Picture at 9:00

watching the other volleyball team play after a victory of our own

Part 5: Vine


Part 6: People who Inspire Me

My mom inspires me because she seems like she’s always doing everything. She’s able to balance her job, family, and personal time all at once. She works hard to make people happy.

Demi Lovato inspires me because she has overcome so many hardships in her life and turned those experiences into a career. Her songs have a lot of emotion attached to them, and I enjoy listening to them.


Natalia was my gymnastics coach for many years. She inspires me not only because she worked hard at gymnastics and went to the olympics, but because even after her many years in gymnastics, she pursued another passion of hers, baking. This showed me that I don’t have to be limited to any one thing in my life and that there’s always another dream to chase.


Part 7: Quote

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” -Jimmy Dean

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