I switched to Bullet Journal from 2Do+GCal+Evernote.

I’m less stressed and finally feel like I’ve gotten my life back

I’ve first discovered Bullet Journals about a few years ago, in 2014. Since then I’ve been using it for short streaks of time, but nothing major. On the 23rd of March 2017, though, I decided it’s time for a change. A Bullet Journal Change.

Typical Tumblr Bujo (Bullet Journal)

Let me give you some background. I’ve used Google Keeps from 2014 to March 2016, when I was overloaded with exams, homework and co-curricular activities, owned a 5" Motorola Moto G2 and finally switched to Todoist. Todoist was great, but in Fall 2016 I bought myself an iPhone SE with its “huge” 4" screen. Todoist isn’t adapted to that screen size, showing only about five or six tasks (sorry Alex, that’s bad design- too much space wasted on unnecessary info like Projects, Due Times and Others). Because of this issue, I switched to 2Do, which reflected about ten or fifteen tasks. However, there were lots of “unimportant” (to put it politely) stuff, which made me feel stressed, my time going to all the small, easy tasks that took my eyes off my long-term goals (that’s why the front page of my journal is a “2017 Goals” page.

# of tasks I had scheduled and completed with Todoist, 2Do and Bullet Journal, respectively: 40/50 (the difference being unimportant tasks added later in the day, like “Google Tretyakov SPA”) 30/20, 15/10.

Here is my experience:

On the first day I felt unsattisfied. A whole day passed, and I completed 20 tasks less than normal. I “rapid logged” a whole A4 sheet and a few tissues. It wasn’t enough. Looking back now, I logged lots of tasks I could do without. A vow was given to change the situation for the better.

On the second day I logged much less, and the beauty of Bujo started to shine through. I felt my life was in order. It felt awesome.

On the third day I employed a few new techniques, like a mini schedule and a dedicated “notes” page. They helped me abandon my iPhone even more.

On the fourth day I refined my workflow and got rid of LTE, Safari and App Store on my phone. I feel amazing and free.

My key is something like this, but less artsy

In total, I’ve automated more tasks, as I use my phone less. I’m more artistic. My phone is now a communicator+music+Instagram/Snapchat tool.

Thanks Bujo!

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