My New Pens.

My handwriting is far from perfect. It is far even from decent. However, I, as a student, love my pens and want to use the best pens I can find. I recently got new pens.

Technically, I got one pen and two Sharpies, and they are all perfect.

Firstly, I got a Pilot V7 Grip. I am in love with the Pilot V7 series for over two years now, and they have been serving me well. My love started off with a V5 I bought as a spare and to try out when I wasn’t a pen afficionado. I loved the smooth ink flow and the fact that it wasn’t reusable didn’t bother me. It was black as the night, was easily scannable and I used it for a week, until the cartridge ran out. I stocked another ten V5s and used them for about three months, when the thin ink flow started to bother me, as I saw my friend’s V7 and fell in love head-first. As the V5s ran out, I bought twelve V7s on a sale, and I was hooked. However, when they started running out I knew I needed a cartridge system, as my existing pens were running out at exams, signings and other important situations. I bought a V7 Cartridge Pen. It was great, but I wrote for long periods of time and needed a rubber grip. That’s how I came across the V7 Grip.

The pen is damn near perfect. It doesn’t leak as much as the cartridge, and I love the way it feels in the hand. The chrome bits on the body are not my cup of tea though.

Damn, only need to fix my handwriting now.

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