My Next Headphones will be the AirPods.

I don’t love their sound.

Let me start this piece with some background. I consume audio mainly via my wired Marley Chant In-Ears. Sometimes I connect my iPhone to an Anker Pocket Bluetooth Speaker. My beater earphones are the Apple Earpods.

As the name suggests, the Anker is wireless. I love my Anker, my Earpods and my Marleys. However, they both have downsides. The Anker doesn’t sound very good, and the Marleys are wired. The Earpods sound acceptable.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, some music and a little videos. The ratio is about 70:25:5. Because of that, sound quality is important to me, but it is ranked about third in my priorities when shopping for headphones. Bluetooth connectivity is first. The fact that a given headphone stays on my head or in my ear is second.

The AirPods are perfect in this regard. They sound acceptable, stay in one’s ears, are wireless and connect to both one’s iPhone and one’s Mac seamlessly. The new Macs, coming out on the 27th of September, will include better bluetooth cards, so the seamlessness will only improve.

However, the AirPods are quite expensive for what they offer, and for many people their seamlessness won’t be enough to justify the price. That is perfectly fine, and this is a first generation product. According to Moore’s Law, a law that holds true for forty years at the time of writing, the AirPods will get better and cheaper over time. I hope that my beloved Marleys will not break until the AirPods cost about 100 British Pounds, because at that price they are a steal. Also, the more Apple products you own, the more the AirPods offer, so for some people they are a better product, and for others a worse product.

Anyway, this piece is just my two cents on the AirPods. I will be buying them when my Marleys break, and I hope they won’t disappoint.

Postscriptum: To the people that say that Bragi Dash or Samsung’s Icons are better, you are fooling yourself. They do not connect as seamlessly, have lesser battery life and overall aren’t as beautiful. Their smart features are better though.
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