My thoughts on this summer’s tech announcements feat. Motorola, OnePlus, Samsung.

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What did I think of them?

To me, they were all boring. Even the much-hyped OnePlus 2 was not as good as I desired it to be. Samsung Note 5's keyboard is a joke. Motorola’s Moto G3 is too expensive. I mean guys! Apple can catch up now. But let’s actually start this write-up.

OnePlus 2

Much hype. Even MKBHD’s preview before the release. And a great phone for a budget price. 4GB of RAM, the newest Snapdragon, Oxygen OS. Great specs, performs well. No soul, and that is what is missing in Android phones now and have been missing since the release of Android a long time ago.

Motorola’s Moto Xs.

There are two of them, and I quite like the Play version. It is cheaper, has a bigger battery, and a more energy-efficient Snapdragon 615 than his bigger brother. It will probably be released as a droid sometime soon.

However, there’s another flagship- the Moto X Pure Edition/Style. It has more customisation than the Play, a faster processor.

Samsung Note 5 and S6 Edge+.

I quite liked the Note 4, mainly because of its faux leather feel. (sorry, it’s just me.) But in the Note 5 and S6 Edge+, Samsung is moving away from faux leather onto steel and glass. Dislike. The devices themselves are quite simillar, only one is with a stylus, and another with an edge. That’s it.

Apple iPod Touch 6.

It was coming. iPod Touch got the innards of an iPhone 6, and on a smaller screen, making it feel faster than it actually is. Me gusta!

If I had to buy one of this summer’s devices, I would buy the iPod Touch 6. Apple has caught up.

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