June 2017

In this post, I’d like to share some experiences I’ve had on one of the best trips I’ve had in a long time.

Laduree everyday

Single Macchiato and Lemon Macaron is my standard order. By the third time, the waiter knew my order and I only had to say “please”.

The first time I went there, I thought that laduree is only for the one percent, and everything should be top-of-the-line. However, as I started going there practically every day, I realised that it’s only a tea room- no big deal.

Design Museum

Was easily one of the best single experiences of the trip. I cannot say I want to become a designer and all my life I was dreaming of designing products, but I am somewhat interested in the industry (even more since I moved away from technology to fashion as the main hobby). The Cartier in Motion exposition was subjectively sublime, as both my and my dad’s (who I went to the museum with) holy grail watch is the Louis Cartier Tank.

Harry Potter World

was not worth it, but maybe I’m just not a fan of the series.

Coins can go far

I even paid for Laduree only with them- not possible in Moscow, as the biggest Russian coin is worth only ten pence.

Cocktails on the Kingston riverside

As far as i know, life holds three kind of “not simple” pleasures-

  1. Curling up with an interesting novel and a mug of hot chocolate under the sheets
  2. Reading factual non-fiction while drinking a pot of pour over
  3. Scrolling through a coffee table sitting on an edge of a waterfront, dangling the legs (clad in new Dr. Martens) and sipping a cocktail

I completed pleasure number three every day throughout my trip. The mocktails (I’m not the one to get a fake ID) were kinda expensive but tasty. I do not regret it and the experience allowed me to create a few great photos.

Dover Street Market is shit

I always imagined the great DSM as a place for luxury and subdued street wear. In reality, it is closer to KM20- a concept store with streetwear and nothing else. If you read me for a long time, you know I’m more about that simple, Hermes chic- not some shorty hoodie and £400 Yeezys, and I’ve put a finger on why I don’t like streetwear.

A man who wears yeezys is often not good looking. A good looking man who put on yeezys is transformed into “that guy who wears yeezys”

Coke on an aesthetic terrace

Is a pleasure that is never enjoyed to its full content in Moscow, partially because the weather is very unfriendly. In London however, it was always sunny and twenty-five plus degrees celsius, so on most days I found a family-owned cafe with a terrace and just sat there drinking a Coke, leaving great tips.

I guess the only places in Moscow to do that are Vogue Cafe and Denis Simachev Shop&Bar, both of which are owned by evil corporations (actually, this is not true, but they are still not family owned)

Hermes Clic H

Yes, I know it’s only a bracelet and I should not freak over it as much as I do. However I’ve dreamed about it for so long I cannot believe I can actually save up and afford it.

Cold Pressed Juice

Has a lot of taste and vitamins left from the actual fruits, and is widely available in London.

I Love Soho

Soho is my spirit animal, and it is how I imagine London: close to all of the main attractions and shops, dirty, filled with homeless people, but still hip and full of youngsters and their startup stores.